Sunset x Vibes – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Episode 4

Sunset X Vibes Episode 4 drops us back in the office where Lin blacks out. While Sun is in a meeting discussing partnerships. When Sam calls to alert him, he sends Chan to take Lin to the in-house first aid room for executives.

When Lin wakes, the interns return to work, reassured it was just exhaustion. Chen checks Lin’s vitals, falling on him just as Pim and Yo return, getting the wrong idea. Juladis catches the interns in the hallway and they distract him from catching Chan and Lin, believing Chan is the guy that Lin’s been messaging.

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Feeling better, Lin is ready to return to work but Chan keeps him there a bit longer. When Sun visits, he releases Chan to look after Lin himself. Lin pouts as Sun encourages him to rest a bit more but relents with a promise that he’ll show him something at his house.

Hearing that Lin has taken sick leave, the interns want to take time to visit him but are sent back to work until lunch break. As they head back to their desks, they spot Chan looking suspicious and determine they’ll figure out his relationship with Lin. They spy, catching him canoodling with Juladis and recording it. Meanwhile, Lin is in Sun’s car calling Pim and Yo claiming he was asleep.

During a break, Pim and Yo watch Sam speaking to someone from another department. Sam texts Yo asking if can go home with him with a vague excuse that he has to meet someone in his neighborhood. But a cranky Yo wants to travel with Pim instead, avoiding Sam.

At Sun’s house, he takes Lin to a secret jewelry room to see famous pieces his family created. With Lin’s enthusiasm, Sun hopes he has a future as a designer at their company. Leaving Lin to inspect the pieces, Sun heads out to prepare a room for Lin while Lin pauses at an old box.

In front of Yo’s house, Sam waits for him, wondering why he avoided him. When his mother catches them, they head back to the bridge to talk instead. Yo is bristly but Sam persists insisting he wants to stay with him.

Back at Sun’s house, Lin gets comfortable wearing Sun’s shirt. But he stiffens when Sun asks for a kiss, agreeing but keeping his eyes open. Then he kisses him back, confessing it’s his first kiss. So, Sun hugs him instead then bundles him to cuddle in bed.

That night, Lin dreams about his warrior again, not seeing his face. The man leaves a flower behind that Lin then spots on the bedside table. When he wakes feeling unsettled, he asks Sun about the flower but Sun says he doesn’t know what flowers they have in their garden. Cuddling again, the flower on the bedside table blows away.

The next day, Pim and Yo jump at Lin wanting him to admit who he’s meeting. Yo shows him the video telling him he must end things with Chan, as he’s cheating. But Lin clears things about Chan telling them he’ll explain later.

As everyone is busy, Lin volunteers to run an errand for Prim. Waiting in line for his return ride, he’s groped by a strange man. At their desks, Sam and Yo flirt by text while they wait for Lin to return. After Lin calls from the police station, they catch Juladis sneaking out and threaten him with the video to make him take them to the police station. When they arrive, Lin’s fine – he beat up the groper and forced him to report to the police station.

As the others take a comfort break, Sun runs in to check on Lin, grabbing his face. He’s instantly caught by everyone.


The Episode Review

Oops. So much for keeping a secret. Sun and Lin have a chance to get closer, Lin even stays at Sun’s house. But now that Lin’s talkative friends know about them, what are the chances they can keep things quiet? For one thing, the major teasing will now begin.

Maintaining the slow pace, Sun and Lin continue to dance around a relationship, Sun patiently waiting for Lin to get comfortable. It seems like he doesn’t have any particular concerns about people knowing about them – that it’s more about Lin’s discomfort. I guess we’ll see next week.

Meanwhile, Sam is trying very hard to get Yo’s attention and so far not really succeeding. Or did he? Yo didn’t send him away, merely allowed him to follow behind. This does not sound like a great relationship to me but let’s see if Yo changes his tune. Who are you rooting for?


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READ MORE:  Thai content reviews and more BL drama reviews 

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