Sunset x Vibes – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

Episode 3

Sunset X Vibes Episode 3 lands us back on the plane where Lin is suffering through turbulence, nuzzling into Sun. But as soon as things smooth out, he’s back to his side.

Landing in Hong Kong, Sun is keen to start over but Lin is still resisting. At the conference, an impressive Sun converses easily in several languages, but Lin helps out with French. Afterwards, Sun explains that they’ll stay on a bit, their first trip together. At a chef’s table, Sun tries to make it up to Lin with an additional promise of shopping but Lin says a nice walk would be enough, so they arrange it for the next day.

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At the table, Lin awkwardly meets an associate of Sun who’s also staying a few days and wants to hang out. They meet with Chris the following day to stroll the city, secretly holding hands and trying to dodge their new friend.

At a temple, Sun admits he’d prayed for them to be together for a long time. They finally get a chance to ditch Chris who admits to realizing he was third-wheeling, telling Sun he should move fast before someone else scoops up Lin.

After an evening together, now in the hotel, Sun apologizes for not being honest from the beginning. He had been worried about being used like he had been in the past. Lin admits he wasn’t angry but just wanted to get him back so Sun promises a punishment. Before he can make good on it, Lin sends him to shower.

Lin’s friends video call and believe they spot someone else in the room but Lin stealthily rotates the phone. Sun takes it as an opportunity to tease Lin, uncovering his shoulders and bending down to kiss Lin’s thighs. Lin quickly disconnects the call to scold Sun. But then agrees to a kiss, if Sun keeps his eyes shut. Fumbling, they both fall on the floor.

At the office, Sam works on a necklace design that his friend Mon secretly helped him with so he can compete with Yo. They bicker, Sam noting that he had to work on it separately because Yo is so slow. After he leaves, Pim notes that Yo’s lateness may have something to do with his mother.

On the plane ride back, Sun does a magic trick, turning a napkin into sun/moon couple rings. Lin accepts the gift but asks about their relationship. As they finally get to a kiss, the steward rolls up with a drinks cart.

Sun says he thinks they should date – if Lin doesn’t mind the 8-9-year age gap. But Lin counters that they should take things slowly for now and keep it a secret, especially at work. When Sun agrees he receives a kiss on the cheek.

At the office, Yo is troubling over who might have been in the room with Lin. He and Pim step into a meeting room mid-gossip to find Sun at the table. He tells them they can ask him about Hong Kong hearing that Lin claimed to have been there alone. As each person successively bursts into the room, they cringe being caught by Sun. But he tells them to act normally, he’s just there to observe – as he secretly sends finger hearts to Lin.

At a meeting, Sun addresses the board with his ideas to restructure the collection. While in their own meeting, the design team hears that the interns won’t be involved in the new client project. But Prim advocates for giving everyone a chance, agreeing to support the interns. However, to them, she believes she’s done her part in giving them a chance. Later, Pim approaches Prim with a draft but the feedback is cold, sending her back to the drawing board.

After work, Lin’s the only one in his department when Sun visits. As he’s about to encourage him with a kiss, Pim and Yo return, guilty at having left their friend. Lin distracts them as Sun tries to crawl away but he’s caught by his secretary. He makes an excuse that he was checking the carpet. Yes, the carpet.

Later, Sun drives Lin home but he doesn’t want Sun to be seen with him. Sun makes him promise to reply to texts so he doesn’t have to worry and put them in awkward situations.

Walking in the street, Yo feels like he’s being followed but runs when he sees men pushing his mother on the street. The follower, Sam, steps in to ask if he can wait for his policeman father there, interrupting the  the brutes who quickly run off. Next, Sam tries to get Yo to let him stay over but Yo isn’t agreeing. Sam tells him what he wants is Yo – to open up. Maybe be more than friends? 

Working at home, Lin replies to Sun and they send each other selfies, Sun from his bath. The next morning, in the office early, Lin’s friends think he’s overdoing it. When he gets up from his desk, he has visions from his dream and then passes out.


The Episode Review

After an enlightening trip to Hong Kong and coming to an agreement that they’ll take things slow, Lin still hasn’t adjusted to having Sun in his life, ignoring texts when he’s busy and inadvertently forcing Sun to check on him. They continue with their innocent romance, Sun willing to wait for Lin to feel comfortable. Younger brother Sam, also hiding his identity, has made his feelings clear to Yo though Yo doesn’t seem to be believing it yet.

The scenario of secretly dating at work so far feels pretty trope-fuelled but as we’re only at Episode 3, there’s time for things to become more interesting. For now, they’re keeping things soft and sweet with Sun showing off his patience and endurance. What’s your bet on how long that will last? Is Sun in for the long haul as he indicates? Is Lin right to want to keep their romance a secret? As Sun already has an uphill battle with the board, he shouldn’t want to be seen doing something inappropriate even if he doesn’t see it that way – but that’s still to come. Let’s see…


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READ MORE:  Thai content reviews and more BL drama reviews 


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