Sunset x Vibes – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

Episode 2

Sunset X Vibes Episode 2 brings us back to the hotel room where Lin will meet his mystery man, Sun, for the first time. Zip to a restaurant and Lin is surprised that the place is empty. Believing what he’s previously been told, he’s worried Sun will bankrupt himself just to impress, but Sun just chuckles as Lin continues to press the point.

As they dine, Lin is curious about the plan for after dinner, but Sun says he’s arranged something to help him relax. Meanwhile, Lin’s friends spy from outside, wondering what’s taking so long. As Yo shrieks, imagining danger and blocked by staff, Lin receives a foot and leg massage courtesy of Sun’s own sweet hands.

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In the hotel room, Lin admits he’s surprised at Sun’s delicate treatment. As Sun continues to massage higher, Lin’s eyes start to roll back. So, Sun calls it, saying it’s getting late and offering to send him home. Lin imagines it’s an expensive room just for a massage and suggests they stay – especially as it looks like rain.

They dance around the conversation about getting close, where Sun admits he’s thought about it but wouldn’t do anything. He catches a glimpse as Lin takes a bath before bed but contains himself, waking the next morning dressed next to Lin.

Flashback to New York, where Sam asks Sun about their mother wanting him to get married. He quickly puts him on a dating app to ward off matches made by Mom and is immediately paired with Lin.

When Lin wakes, Sun is holding his hand, staring at his face. As Lin wonders why the night progressed as it did, Sun confirms that he’s after more than a one-night stand. As they get ready, Sun pulls him toward his face but takes the opportunity to cover him more fully.

Outside, Lin wonders about his ‘office worker’ job noticing his expensive motorcycle and designer clothes, trying to guess his job – could he be a scammer? But Sun doesn’t reveal. At the office, Lin admits that nothing happened last night and his friends are a combination of disappointed and relieved. As they chat, they’re called in to meet the company president.

Meanwhile, in a meeting with the board, leaders question the CEO about passing her company to a recent graduate. They agree to give her son six months to succeed or resign.

In his office, when the president turns around, Lin is shocked to find Sun and vice-versa. He’s interested in the design entry they submitted and assigns a gushing Juladis to take care of them. Before they leave, Sun asks to speak with intern Salin. He tries to apologize for lying but Lin is ready to go back to his desk. That evening, Lin receives apology texts but he doesn’t reply.

The next day as the team works on their design idea, they’re delivered a plethora of snacks from the president. Lin’s package has a little apology note that he quickly crumbles to Sam’s dismay. He texts Lin’s preferences to Sun who sends a new supply. Crumbling the second note, he gives that treat away as well.

Reporting to Sun, his assistant notes Lin didn’t take the peace offerings then proceeds to go through his scheduling including a world jewelry seminar in Hong Kong. He takes it as an opportunity, sending his envoy to invite a team member plus an intern – Lin. Pouting, Lin says he’s happy to go to Hong Kong so he won’t have to see a liar.

At the airport, Juladis and Lin wait for Chan to deliver paperwork before the flight. Juladis shoos Lin so he can see his boyfriend but there’s a mishap with his passport. So Sun steps in to take the empty seat, which Lin finds suspicious. But with a bit of turbulence, Lin finds himself grabbing Sun’s arm.


The Episode Review

Lin finally meets this text friend – sweet, polite, handsome and caring – he seems pretty pleased. They even talk about Sun’s job, so there’s an opportunity for him to come clean, but Sun wiggles out rather than telling him the truth or suggesting they discuss jobs another time. So when the team of interns is called to meet the company President, it’s a surprise for Lin to find Sun. While Sun plays it like it’s a surprise to see Lin, his younger brother is an intern too – the guy who put him on the app in the first place. And has seen Lin’s online profile. So, he shouldn’t really be shocked. What the heck?

This whole tropy turn is vastly different from what the teaser indicated. Or was that Lin’s dream? Perhaps a part of the storyline that’s not yet happened – will Lin find another online date (that’s still Sun)? Not that we’re complaining that Sun is polite and respectful. As a romantic partner, he seems like a pleasant surprise. But right now, it’s looking like we’ve been a little misled on what this drama is about. Anyone else feeling hard done? Or is confused a better term?


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