Sunset x Vibes – Season 1 Episode 1 Recap & Review

Episode 1

Sunset X Vibes Episode 1 floats us into Salin’s dream where he’s stranded on rocks in a body of water. Shouting for help, he sees a man dressed in traditional clothing but isn’t able to get to him. Suddenly plunging into deep water, he panics then sinks. The man gives him mouth-to-mouth under water, reviving him. But wait, it’s more like a sea monster than a man. And Salin wakes in a sweat. Receiving an encouraging text from username ‘SUNSET X VIBES,’ Salin gets ready for his internship that begins today.

At SOUL High Jewelry, the team discusses an unsuccessful quarter because of an out-of-date vision. While elsewhere, Sun gallops on horseback, taking a call from his mother when he arrives home. Prompted to return to Bangkok, he sets on his way after replying to a text.

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Arriving at his internship, he notices Pim and Yo haven’t arrived yet. When they race in, Yo slides on the floor, falling into another office worker’s arms. They scramble for the elevator, Yo missing it then arguing with the guy upon arrival – he’s actually an intern too. Their manager uses the commotion as a reason to shout at all the interns, hazing them a bit before assigning them to departments.

Salin (Lin) and friends joyfully join the design department. As Kaew briefs them, Prim joins the group, catching Pim’s eye. As a parting instruction, they’re asked not disturb the document room. First mission: bring lunch. Then, move boxes, clean windows, etc, etc. 

As the interns complain, they insult the ‘likely incompetent’ heir to the business, making another intern, Sam, choke. While all this is happening, Lin gets a sweet text from SUNSET so the others tease him but he blames them. Flashback to a drunken session of Truth or Dare where Yo posts Lin’s pictures on a dating app, starting a conversation with a handsome guy. The next morning, Lin gets a text from SUNSET. It’s now weeks later and the two still haven’t met but continue to chat.

Lin paints a picture of what SUNSET must be like, as they’ve only got a dark profile on screen. Sam can’t wait to have a look, shocked at what he sees but agrees the two should chat longer before making a move.

Later, during Prim’s presentation, Lin and Pim are whispering and forced to share their thoughts. Lin explains that perhaps the plan is too similar to last year’s collection, but they’re immediately scolded by the rest of the team.

A month later and Lin still doesn’t feel confident at work, thinking he made the wrong decision in joining. But, he’s cheered up by a message from SUNSET. Now months since they’ve connected, Lin finally gets the courage to invite a meet up.

Brothers Sam and Sun meet, Sun having been away. Confiding, Sam notes that the company is still doing everything the old way. Sam convinces his brother to let him remain an intern for another few months, agreeing to share anything else he finds. They also talk about the one Sun is planning to meet, he worried the person will be like everyone else. But Sam has a feeling this one will be different.

Another day at the office with the three getting the eye for being too noisy. Only slightly daunted, the interns find out there’s an in-house design competition and weasel their way into competing too. While in the boardroom, the CEO asks leadership to cooperate with her son, the president.

Word spreads and the interns discuss what the new CEO could be like, Sam defending him but making it sound off-hand. As they continue to chat, Lin gets an invite from SUNSET, his friends freaking out that the venue is a hotel. Sam supposes that there’s a nice restaurant there but Yo keeps shutting him down.

The submission is due the day of the date, but they work together to finish and get Lin dressed, disagreeing on the outfit. His friends encourage him to go anyway. But when he arrives, he’s given a hotel room key. With Lin arriving at the room threshold, a robed Sun completely disrobes, shocking him then pressing him against the wall. As Sun kisses him, he’s at first uncomfortable then closes his eyes. But it’s all a worried vision of what could happen.

Back on the other side of the door, Lin keys the lock with closed eyes, apprehensive about what he’ll find. Inside he discovers flowers, candles and a cute note. When Sun knocks, Lin is more than happy to open the door, finally meeting his handsome date.


The Episode Review

Ahem, the trope-fest has already begun with falling/catching/romantic music within the first 12 minutes. However, it has established the reluctant second couple quite quickly and at least half of them is likeable already. Equally the third couple (take your pick on which is which) has been matched but not yet on good terms. Plenty of time for that…

So far, there’s not much mystery here, as everyone turns out to be exactly as you’d expect. EXCEPT for the date at the end of the chapter. Making us – and Lin – believe he may have happened upon a weirdo. But no, what we’ve seen so far is pretty sweet. Unfortunately, we’ll need to wait until next week to see if our hunch is right. Who’s ready to call it now?

Catch the preview for next week’s ep right here.


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