Sunset x Vibes – Season 1 Preview: Release Date & Where to Watch

Sunset x Vibes features Mos-Bank on iQIYI.

Sunset x Vibes Season 1

New Thai BL, Sunset x Vibes kicks off on iQIYI, led by the Mos-Bank duo who charmed you in Big Dragon. It’s directed by Mi Puwadon Naosopa who also helmed Big Dragon, City of Stars and Secret Theory of Kissing.

Mos Panuwat Sopradit (Y Journey: Stay Like a Local, Club Friday S15) plays Sun, a CEO at a large corporation and Bank Mondop Heamtan (Y Journey: Stay Like a Local, Gen Y S2) who is Salin, a university student seeking an internship.

Intern Salin has always had recurring dreams of a man in traditional Thai clothing until the dreams suddenly stopped after his 18th birthday. When he meets Sun, the CEO of the gem company where he takes an internship, memories and feelings from his previous dreams arise.

It’s a drama adapted from a web novel of the same name and will also have an uncut version on iQIYI.

Where can I watch Sunset x Vibes?

You can watch Sunset x Vibes with subtitles on streaming service iQIYI.

How many episodes will Sunset x Vibes have?

Sunset x Vibes Season 1 is expected to have 12 episodes starting Saturday, June 15th. Season release dates include:

Episode 1 – June 15th, 2024
Episode 2 – June 22nd, 2024
Episode 3 – June 29th, 2024
Episode 4 – July 6th, 2024
Episode 5 – July 13th, 2024
Episode 6 – July 20th, 2024
Episode 7 – July 27th, 2024
Episode 8 – August 3rd, 2024
Episode 9 – August 10th, 2024
Episode 10 – August 17th, 2024
Episode 11 – August 24th, 2024
Episode 12 – August 31st, 2024

Is there a trailer for Sunset x Vibes?

Indeed, there is. You can find an English-subbed trailer for Sunset x Vibes right here:


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