It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – Season 16 Episode 6 Recap & Review

Risk E. Rat’s Pizza and Amusement Center

Episode 6 of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Season 16 begins in the guys’ van, with the group singing along to a jingle popularized by Risk E. Rat’s Pizza and Amusement Center.

They are psyched about going back to the center and all of the things that it contains, including its arcade games, pizza, and comedy. It’s going to be a nostalgic trip back in time for the gang, but will it still be the same place it used to be? Hmm…

While in the van, the gang reminisce about their memories of Risk E. Rats. Charlie mentions it was where he saw his first set of boobies. It turns out they weren’t on a human girl but on an animatronic!

On arrival, Frank heads straight to a water fountain because he’s “thirsty,” Mac plays Skee Ball, and Charlie and Dennis set off on a hunt for some animatronic boobies.

After playing a game, Mac brings his winning tickets to the prize stand. He wants a gun – similar to the one he had as a kid that had the potential to put somebody’s eye out, namely Charlie’s – but all the woman at the stand can offer is an orange space lazer. Mac isn’t happy about that because it doesn’t simulate real-world violence. He then asks for a comb that resembles a switchblade, atomic fireballs, and candy cigarettes. They no longer sell any of these, much to Mac’s dismay.

Meanwhile, Dennis and Charlie are appalled about the health and safety rules that have been implemented at Risk-E’s. The rat even wears a safety hat, which infuriates the guys. 

Elsewhere, Mac meets up with a kid called Sam who wants to know how he won so many tickets. Mac suggests they should pool their tickets so they can get the biggest prize there is. Their discussion descends into an argument when Mac tells the boy it’s okay to disobey his parents and eat as much candy as he wants. 

We then cut to Frank and Dee who chat to Dapper Duck while eating mozzarella sticks. Dee is upset at his change of name. Back in her day, he was known as Dingbat Duck and he had a stutter. That was what was funny about him, according to Dee. When Frank remembers the duck being retarded, Dee rightfully reminds him that term is disallowed, even for a duck. 

As Frank and Dee discuss the ‘hilarity’ of Dingbat’s speech impediment, Dennis and Charlie find the animatronic band in the storage cupboard. They find Justine, the animatronic that had the breasts Charlie saw as a kid. They are horrified to discover the breasts have been removed. “It’s a sad day for women’s rights,” says Dennis.

Meanwhile, Mac and Sam are in the Time Out room talking to a guy in a dog suit about their feelings. They both want to have fun instead of sitting in the “feeling centre” but when the dog guy agrees to release them, Mac tells him that they haven’t had a long enough time in “punishment.” Mac then gives a speech about Sam being a “pussy” because of the way he has been pampered by his parents and the dog guy. Mac tells him they don’t hold him accountable for his bad behaviour.

Dee and Frank find a joke but Frank doesn’t find it overly funny because it isn’t making fun of any minority. This turns into a chat about racism because Dee tells Frank white people don’t have the accent to pull off the joke. The joke in question is: “What does a nosy pepper do? It gets jalapeno business?” Not being able to use a Black or Mexican accent ruins the joke according to the pair. 

The gang assemble at a table and agree with one another that the place now sucks. A stage show begins and a costumed band sing about “Robbie Pizza,” indicating the center’s name has now changed from “Risk E Rat” to the new title. 

Dennis decides to re-enact the old “Risk E’s” so the kids can have the same experience they had when they were younger. Their plan goes into action. Frank sets up a bar area to entrap the parents, Charlie assembles busty Justine, and Dee choke-holds a staff member so she can take his costume. 

We don’t see what happens next but we know that the “fun” experience they created ended in disaster because ambulances and a news crew arrive on the scene. The gang wisely leave before they are implicated in the chaos they caused. 

The Episode Review

The show’s actor-writers are making a statement in this episode about the way times have changed. It’s no longer appropriate to tell racially sensitive jokes or use words that discriminate against others. Health and safety is everywhere, reducing the risk of injury in play areas. And parents are no longer allowed to leave their kids alone to wander off and have fun without them. 

The way you react to these changes might reflect the views of Dennis and the gang who, in this episode, are appalled at the changes that fly against the happy memories of their childhood. Alternatively, you might agree with the way society is now, especially after seeing the end of the episode which highlights what can happen when there is no safeguarding against risks.

Regardless of your stance on the subject, the episode does a pretty good job of detailing the way life is now very different for our kids. The short running time of the episode does not allow for many funny situations to highlight this but I appreciate the points being made in the episode, which are a reflection on the politically correct and risk-free society that our kids are growing up in. 

But as with the other episodes in the season so far, Episode 6 isn’t a standout in the series. It’s amusing enough and has some interesting things to say, but ultimately, it’s not one you will wax lyrical over in the future when you’re reminiscing about the show. 

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