Sunny – Season 1 Episode 2 “Don’t Blame the Machine” Recap & Review

Don’t Blame the Machine

Episode 2 of Sunny begins with us taking a look at Masa’s workplace, ImaTech. The workers are drilled, with bots pacing the columns to check-up on everyone. However one of the employees receives a call and races out the room. There’s been a security breach in level 5.

We then cut back and meet Suzie and Masa in the past. The latter gives Suzie some advice while she’s picking food out at a vending machine, but as she shows up at the counter, he arrives and sits next to her. He knows she picked the extra spicy food and takes his chance to ask her for a drink after.

Further flashbacks in the episode flesh out more of Suzie’s past. She came to Japan for the food and culture, along with an article about Hikikomori, which is basically a total withdrawal from society and seeking out social isolation. It sounded perfect to her on paper, and as fate would have it, Masa has actually done this for 3 years.

He doesn’t believe she knows what loneliness really is and goes on to guard his notebook pretty closely, claiming that these are just “sketches for fun”.

Back in the present, Suzie speaks to Sunny plainly, demanding to know what Masa was up to. Apparently she doesn’t have any answers, and despairs when Suzie is annoyed at her answer. Sunny’s first memory is apparently meeting Suzie so she has no idea if Masa had murderous intents.

Suzie brings Sunny to an engineer who points out that the robot is very advanced. The files are locked and she’s been updated constantly by someone. In order to find out the truth, Suzie wants to hack into Sunny and knows there’s a guide to do so. The engineer gets jittery and tells them to leave, but she does receive a guide from his assistant, who races after them. Apparently this is the Dark Manual.

Nobody knows who made this but they’re a genius and use a specific sigil as a mark. Now, this seems to jog memories for Suzie toward Masa.

Now, we still know that Masa hasn’t been found yet and Suzie shows up to see Masa’s mother for more answers around the sigil. She’s busy having a party inside, which is apparently Hamako’s idea, but the picture up on the wall with the sigil is taken down. Masa’s mum holds her cards close to her chest and her throwing the picture away rings alarm bells. She’s definitely hiding something.

Back home, Sunny and Suzie riff off one another, with the robot learning from Suzie and giving as good as she gets. Suzie continues to look through Masa study, desperate to find the journal and connect the dots. When she slumps against the desk, she points out all the great things about Masa, including how he’s a good dad. Sunny points out that if Masa was hiding something, it wouldn’t be at home so they need to head off to his workplace.

Suzie and Sunny show up at Imatech the next day. However, there seems to be some sort of barrier preventing the robot from going any further, as it continues to blurt out “Division 5 denied”. She talks Yuki into giving her access down to Division 5 but when Suzie gets there, all the rooms seem to be blacked out. This then ties into the opening part of the episode, as the employee rushes down to Division 5.

Now, Suzie enters the yellow room and notices that the floor has been scrubbed to try and remove the blood. She rushes out and manages to hide under one of the desks. Sunny comes to her rescue though and shows up in the observatory deck, playing exercise regimes for the workers (with their VR headsets) so she can slip away.

Suzie does just that and eventually, the pair head back home. Suzie receives some bad news though when the airline arrive with Masa’s shoes. It appears to hint that he’s dead but without a body, that seems unlikely.

Anyway, that bot returns to its master, who happens to be the person spying on Suzie all this time. It was unable to read Sunny’s code but convinced it that he was from the airline. That night, Suzie encourages Sunny to come sit with her in bed mimicking Masa and holding her.

As the episode closes out, we see that Masa covered up the murder and it appears Sunny might be part of it, The robot awakens after seemingly having a dream and seems to have a fragmented memory.

The Episode Review

The inconsistencies with the robot technology is definitely worth taking into consideration here. Are we led to believe that robots in this world – and specifically Sunny – can dream? And if so, are we going to get the cliched idea of amnesia and slowly remembering pockets of the past? Hopefully not as the show does have a unique tone and style that would betray such a simplistic and overused plot trope.

The shorter run-time of 30 minutes definitely helps the show’s pacing, and the tone swings between dark comedy and mystery really well, with bites of horror and thriller elements thrown in for good measure.

The banter between Suzie and Sunny is partly why this show works so well, managing to elevate the dialogue as these two work together to find out the truth. So far, things are set up nicely for an intriguing little thriller to play out but we’ll have to wait and see if this one can keep it up for the rest of the season. So far though, this definitely looks to be worth keeping on your radar.

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