Sunliner – Self-Titled EP | Album Review

Track Listing

Palliative Care
Jo, Joni, Mary & Maria
I Call Him Gamblore
Dial Tones
Salad Days
What a Time To Be Alive


Sunliner shows a strong narrative spark within their songs. Every track has been tightly woven, and the band conveys through their cutting edge and dramatic muse, showcasing their own chaotic world. The choruses are also loud, frantic, and exciting, delivering a pulsating atmosphere. The stories the band tells are thought-provoking, and they blossom at every opportunity.

The band is in tune with their instruments. The indie punk sound has been tweaked to a quality level, and the harshness even becomes a nice touch, and there’s sincerity between the lines and throughout the self-titled release; the band echoes their feelings on life. They’re searching for the truth and the lyrics detail fight and desire while war is on the mind too.

As mentioned, the craft the band show is engaging. They’re at one with their instruments and the prowess they show quite simply amazes. The guitar riffs rally optimism at points when the sound seems to be drifting off into a subtle place.

There are 10 songs to listen to. ‘4AM’ starts with an empowering riff and the gritty vocals come in at a frantic pace. Pure punk, the song delivers that needed energy, and the lyrics detail struggle.

‘Worry’ is a frenetic song with highly experimental riffs, and the track is the most honest on the record, providing a story and a narrative push. ‘Ache’ opens with a punk edge and a ferocious output, sporting a solo completes the song. The eye-opening lyrics increase the narrative input.

Sunliner drive home a record of punk winners here. The style may not be for everyone, but for the punks and the outcasts, it surely will resonate.

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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