Summer Heat – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

Stranded at Sea

Episode 7 of Summer Heat begins with Diego reflecting back on his past. Specifically, being with his brother Danilo and spending time together. It’s something that’s defined him throughout his life and after passing his lifeguard licences, he’s ready to honour his life. This doesn’t deter Catarina either, who remains by his side.

Meanwhile, Yasmin has big opportunity and despite only starting to surf a while back, Maresia and Vilma want to put her name forward for some scouts.

Things go from bad to worse for Marilia, who’s confronted by Caco, a face from the past. He’s mixed up in the drugs too but he puts on a sympathetic façade, pointing out that he knows she’s struggling with bills at the moment.

This essentially forces her hand, as Marilia heads out and starts pedaling drugs at the bar. She’s doing a “special offer” but when she tasks Helena with bringing the orders to different tables, she gets them mixed up. Marilia is not happy and tells Helena to get her head out the clouds.

After dropping a dinghy in Elias’ pool several episodes back, Elias retunes home to find it and immediately retorts through gritted teeth, “Son of a b*tch.”

Elias marches over to Maresia’s office and claims that the site is under risk – which is one of the clauses he can use in the contract to get his construction plans moving. He shows off a video of the kids throwing’s the raft in the pool and uses this, alongside the social media posts from Yasmin, as ammo.

Meanwhile, Catarina ends up receiving a delivery to the hotel which happens to have jewelry inside. Given Paula – the woman claiming fraud last episode – showed up earlier at the hotel, it does appear that Catarina has been fooling them all and bought these for herself.

After Miguel and Yasmin hooked up last episode and declared their love, things take a crazy turn when Chai, her ex, shows up on the island. He wants to start over but Yasmin is obviously in a very differed place now.

As Yasmin kisses him goodbye for the last time, encouraging him to leave, Miguel awakens and sees the pair kissing each other. The thing is, this comes right off the back of him being mugged and with his cabin left a state. We’ll have to wait and see how that plays out later on down the line.

This kiss doesn’t deter Yasmin from her game plan though, as she heads out and surfs, making a big impression with the scouts. Rodrigo  shows up late and misses his chance to impress them. He’s also drunk too and realizing his aspirations in life are spiraling out of control, decides to go surfing. Yasmin races back to reception, telling Catarina that she needs to find Rodrigo – and quick.

While Miguel is distraught over Yasmin cheating on him, Sofia starts choking, having an allergic reaction to the shrimp. Diego and Catarina race down to find Rodrigo who finds himself out at sea, struggling and on the verge of drowning. Diego puts his lifeguarding skills to the test and tries to save Rodrigo before it’s too late.

The Episode Review

The penultimate episode to Summer Heat sees a big dose of drama start to come our way. Rodrigo’s life hangs in the balance, as does Sofia’s, while the misunderstand tropes and various romantic angles continue to interweave across this slice of life drama.

There’s really not very much depth to any of these characters though, and barely any of them have grown or evolved over time. The whole Conrado subplot feels like a complete waste of time given he’s now gone. At the same time, Helena’s drama with Leo is so basic that it’s almost painful to watch.

There’s still time for the final episode to make a big splash but based on this showing, there’s really not much substance to this show, which is a shame.

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