Summer Heat – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

Goodbye Conrado

Episode 6 of Summer Heat begins with Conrado’s future on Shell Island in jeopardy. Miguel is understandably feeling guilty but Conrado decides to leave the island to gain some perspective. Maresia encourages him to do what’s right for him, urging Conrado to return afterwards.

After hooking up with Leo that night, Helena is a bundle of energy. She talks to Marilia and mentions how she lost her virginity to him that night. Only… she can’t remember if she actually used a condom. So naturally, it looks like we may go the route of her falling pregnant. We shall see.

Miguel catches up with Conrado who’s fine with his decision. He claims it’s his way of saying thanks for Miguel helping him through a rough patch. There’s no hard feelings here and after everything they’ve been through, all the gang gather together to say goodbye to their friend.

With all of his gear packed up, Conrado leaves his guitar behind with Miguel and heads on a boat, off the island.

In her absence, the attention turns across to Elias who decides to move forward with his construction plans. With the eviction for the Hotel due to go ahead soon, he’s going to press ahead with this – even if it means Maresia and the others being out of a job. Maresia promises to do his best to block him, pointing out he was the one who originally stopped the construction in the first place.

Angry, Elias heads down to the beach where he finds Rodrigo shell-shocked after being given bad news from Maresia. He’s going away on a business trip and tells Rodrigo that when he returns, he needs to be out the house for good.

Elsewhere, Diego struggles to continue achieving his lifeguard licences. He’s still haunted by the ghosts of the past, although Catarina does her best to try and talk him around. The thing is, Diego was there when his brother died, and he saw everything. His brother drunk too much and fell off the boat, subsequently drowning. Diego blames himself for Danilo’s death, which explains his trauma and baggage he’s been carrying.

It’s been a month since the newbies arrived on the island and both Maresia and Vilma decide to celebrate this momentous occasion with a cake. Yasmin immediately blurts out that Maresia is her dad, while Catarina is embraced by the others with open arms after combatting her shopping problem.

Things take a turn for the worst on the island when Dimas, one of the fishermen, finds his boat destroyed. He believes this is Elias’ doing and when Yasmin and the others find out, decide to set to work stopping his plan from panning out.

Well, we soon leArn that Yasmin got into college and Diego has passed his lifeguard test. We didn’t see either of these on-screen though, but we do see the aftermath. Diego kisses Catarina while Diego takes Yasmin out and admits he’s in love with her.

As the episode closes out, an earlier incident involving a stolen purse for a guest called Paula comes to light. It appears that someone is involved in credit card fraud, using her card to buy diamonds. As it’s called it, she believes it originated from Maresia Hotel. Is this Catarina again?

The Episode Review

This episode allows us to see more of Diego’s past, including what happened with his brother. Likewise, the drama involving Helena and Leo is wrapped up with a neat little bow, and there’s no threat of her becoming pregnant either which I guess is a blessing in disguise

However, the show continues to struggle to find its voice, flitting from one mediocre subplot to the next, with the latest revolving around Elias and his construction on the island.

With Conrado now gone too, it throws big question marks over exactly what his purpose on the island was. It also allows Miguel and Yasmin to actually get together without any outside interference. Then again, he could return later on and shake things up, while Yasmin’s ex on the run could play a part in this storyline too.

Given the ease that characters come and go on this island, and the sporadic time jumps and random spikes of drama, this all feels very contrived and formulaic. It’s a real shame too as there’s definitely potential here.

We’ll have to wait and see if the final few episodes can improve.

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