Summer Heat – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

No Wi-Fi

Episode 4 of Summer Heat begins with Miguel lying with Conrado as the pair start kissing. Only this happens to be a big dream, as Conrado awakens with a start.

Yasmin encourages Catarina to do a Buzzfeed quiz, which indicates that she may have a psychological problem with shopping. Because nothing screams accurate like a Buzzfeed test, eh?

Rodrigo starts working for his dad at Omnia Enterprises, complete with a suit and tie…and copious amounts of alcohol. Well, he decides to leave and rocks up on the island in the next scene.

Meanwhile, big drama ensues as the WiFi signal drops. Calls are coming in about it from disgruntled guests so Vilma gathers the troops and calls a staff meeting. Maresia is tasked with sorting the network cables out, which delays his scheduled whale watching tour with Yasmin until later in the episode.

The real issue here is with the antenna and with Vilma phoning the providers and try to come up with a solution, the rest of the teens are forced to do without internet for the time being.

In the middle of this, Miguel is called into Maresia’s office an questioned about the drugs. He loses his cool though, and while trembling, heads onto the beach where he starts coughing and hyperventilating. Rodrigo is thankfully there to help calm him down though. Only, this escalates into the pair fighting over the drugs.

Meanwhile, Marilia continues to keep her distance from Diego who ends up cozying up to Catarina instead. At least that’s her perception anyway. In reality, she’s helping him with his studies given he’s trying to be a lifeguard. When it comes to teaching mouth to mouth, Diego gets cold feet before they touch lips and hurries off.

Out on the water, Yasmin goes on her whale watching trip but ends up almost drowning. When she’s saved, she eventually admits the truth to Maresia that she can’t swim.

Maresia smiles though, brushing it off and calling her an amazing girl. He promises to bee there for her, as the pair do end up seeing the whales, just as they were scheduled to beforehand. The pair have a really touching moment together, as they eventually head back to shore.

The internet returns soon after and quells the WiFi drama hanging over this episode without much aplomb. Vilma though, after helping Yasmin clean her bloodied elbow, seems to take her blood to use for a DNA test. The scene lingers on her putting it inside a bag so I’m guessing that’s what’s happening here!

Elsewhere, Marilia confronts Diego about him kissing Catarina. He doesn’t deny it but does try to brush it off, claiming it didn’t mean anything. Marilia decides he should leave, given she needs to look after her daughter, Sofia, and he has a big test to prepare for.

Later that day, Conrado notices Miguel seemingly praying. Only, he’s definitely not. Snatching up an envelope from under the bed, he takes off. Conrado follows him as he heads to a house up the coast.

As the episode closes, Diego rushes over to Catarina and lets her know that he’s passed the first test. Only, the second test is taking place on February 25th. The day his brother died.

The Episode Review

So it seems like Diego’s woes stem from an accident involving his brother’s death. This could well be linked to him drowning, which would explain the visions he saw at the bottom of the sea.

Meanwhile, Conrado’s conflicting feelings see him bouncing between Miguel and Yasmin. The latter has her own drama here though as she grows closer to Maresia.

Vilma taking her blood to (presumably) do a sneaky DNA test looks like it could prove that they’re not related, which would completely undermine the whole storyline. We’re getting ahead of ourselves here though so we’ll have to wait and see if that holds any truth.

For now, the WiFi drama feels like a way of trying to drum up some episodic threat for the cast to deal with but honestly, it just falls flat.

The rest of the drama here has been pretty formulaic and there’s nothing in Summer Heat that hasn’t been done better elsewhere.

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