Summer Heat – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

The Misunderstanding

Episode 3 of Summer Heat starts with a big announcement. It’s Shell Island’s anniversary and the gang are divided up into different tasks, warned that they’ve going to have to work hard.

Catarina is absent though and she pleads with Yasmin to keep her shopping a secret. As Yasmin rushes into the main living area, Maresia catches her off-guard, tasking Yasmin with taking underwater pictures…and subsequently seeing Yasmin keep the shopping a secret for now.

Catarina’s uncle, Hassef, smuggles a phone into jail. He warns that her little gifts are running out fast and implores her to try and do right by Catarina. So she rings her daughter and informs her that the money for Switzerland has been relocated.

She also brings up Catarina’s engagement to Rodrigo and encourages her to think of her future. Catarina is crushed. After all, she wants a mother who genuinely cares and this woman only cares about money.

Yasmin happens to be listening to this conversation and comes to an agreement with Catarina. She’ll keep her secret in exchange for her taking the underwater photos.

Given they’ve swapped places, Catarina loses her bracelet in the water. Diego dives down and finds it, but in doing so flashes of his past come bleeding through. Specifically from a dead body that holds the bracelet. Only, this is actually a hallucinations. It does, however, shed light on parts of his past which I’m sure will be explored in more detail over the season ahead.

Meanwhile, Vilma expresses her concerns about Maresia getting too invested in Yasmin potentially being his daughter. So she hands over a DNA paternity test and implores him to learn the truth.

Speaking of truth, Conrado’s current issues involving Helena actually stem from a truth he’s hiding from the others. It would appear that he has the hots for Yasmin but he tells her he’s sick of doing what Miguel wants all the time and just wants to branch out.

Yasmin also reveals some truths of his own, pointing out that she has a boyfriend, who’s currently on the run in Sao Paolo. She also can’t swim either, which is apparently a requirement for the island so Yasmin lied on her application. This also explains why she switched places with Catarina too.

Meanwhile, Elias learns that Miguel is selling weed on the island and demands he be fired. The thing is, Maresia has footage of Rodrigo trashing his room, and he uses this as leverage to show that he’s only got himself to blame. This embarrasses Elias, who decides Rodrigo is going to work for him from now on.

That night, celebrations get underway and Rodrigo immediately stirs things up with a good dose of misunderstandings. He tells Marilia that Diego kissed Catarina, which crushes her.

The Episode Review

Summer Heat returns with another lackadaisical episode, lacking a discernable focal point and flitting between the different teens. The drama between each of them isn’t particularly new or original, and at the moment this feels very mediocre.

There’s not quite enough drama to throw this into melodramatic waters, but equally nothing that original either. This show feels stuck in the middle, with a group of characters playing up to their archetypal strengths.

There are glimmers of brightness in this, with the inkling of love triangles and a few nice moments involving Conrado. Is that enough to push this above mediocrity though? I have my doubts.

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