Banisher: Ghosts of New Eden Guide: “Landfall” Walkthrough

Banisher: Ghosts of New Eden Guide: Landfall

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Reach New Eden Town

Meet Charles Davenport at the Inn

Understand why Charles lingers

Investigate the Cemetery

Join Red at the schoolhouse


Welcome to our Banisher: Ghosts of New Eden guide! We’ll be guiding you through the game one ghost banishing at a time and seeing everything there is to see with this one. However, do be aware that the game is heavily influenced by story choices, and as such we’ll be going back through and editing this guide at a later date to throw in all the different options with the story properly.

It’s also worth noting that there are FOUR endings to this game, which differ depending on how you deal with the banished souls and the various investigative cases we’ll be coming across.

For now though, let’s crack on.

Reach New Eden Town

After a lengthy cutscene, you’ll find yourself on the beach. Proceed forward and follow Red up the narrow walkway. Do note that you can press L3 to sprint.

Approach the fallen log and press A (X) to duck underneath. This control also applies to jumping up high walls too, so go ahead and do that next. Pressing Square will replenish your HP, and right now you have 3 vials.

At the top, make note of the circled area (pictured below) as you’ll need to smash the crates to proceed through shortly. For now, approach the little hut and look to your right. Open the basket to retrieve 3x Pyrite and 4x Hoof Fungus.

Press X to interact with Red when he shimmies inside the hut. When you regain control again, turn around and approach the wooden boxes and the broken fence mentioned before. If you press R1 (RB) you’ll be able to slash with your sword and find a way through.

On the other side, drop down the ledge and then follow the pathway across to your first combat encounter. R1 and R2 are our primary light and heavy melee strikes, while you can also lock on to characters by pressing R3. With Antea, you can actually do a pretty neat running slash attack that will deal good damage to these ghosties too.

After defeating the ghosts, be sure to pick up any Spectral Dust left behind. Do make note of any sneak-attacks that may come your way too. Avoid this by blocking (holding L1 (LB)) or dodging. If enemies do get close to you, a white compass will glow red, alerting you to any attacks that may be coming your way (pictured below).

With the ghosts defeated, continue along the linear track and be sure to pick up 4x Leather from the bag leaning against the wooden fences on the side. Continue moving forward and watch Red slice down one of the ghosts to get a feel for his combat, which plays differently to Antea.

When you drop down the next gap, you’ll have another little tutorial guide – this one for Banishments. Banishments works as sort of special moves where you can deal a lot of damage to an enemy once you’ve built up your gauge in the bottom left corner. Press X (A) to banish a target for a neat little special move.

Go ahead and do that on one of the enemy and beat the other ghosts here. You;ll notice that with every strike, the gauge will slowly start to refill again.

For now, examine the area to find a Bloody Note and 8x Leather. If you also destroy the boxes in the corner of te room near the campfire, you’ll find 7x Leather.

Proceed forward and climb up the wall. There, you’ll find an Alpha Wanderer lurking about. A Charged Attack (holding R2 (RT)) will deal a good chunk of damage, but if you fill your meter up too, Banishments will work a treat on this guy.

When you defeat the Alpha Wanderer, proceed along the path and destroy the wooden fence panels. You’ll meet back up with Red on the other side and he’ll follow you into town.

At the fork in the road, take a right instead of following Red. Up by the side of the house, you’ll find 8x Leather (it’s actually sparkling white in the pic below!)

Circle back around the house and follow Red deeper into town.


Meet Charles Davenport at the Inn

We’ve now entered an Area of Investigation. Just like in other detective games, including Arkham Knight, this area will basically have a bunch of clues dotted around, people to talk to and general investigative titbits to undertake. The first is actually really easy as all you’ll need to do is walk in a straight line.

However, there are signposts alluding to the location of the Cemetery (remember this for later!) and the Inn. For now, head all the way up and open the door to trigger a cutscene and a lengthy bit of dialogue.

During bits of dialogue while sitting at the table together, you can press R1 to skip past lines of dialogue if you’ve read ahead of the (admittedly great!) voice acting.


Meet Esther Davenport at her house

After talking to Fairefax (it’s worth exhausting all dialogue options here because it gives some solid background over Charles and his life) then it’s onto the next task.

Before you leave the inn though, head into the back office and you’ll find an Inn Owner’s Notice on the table. Upstairs, around the back of the landing, you’ll find a box that can be opened, which happens to hold 17x Pieces of Eight.

On your way down to meet Esther, you’ll have a dialogue choice pop up. You can either choose “These people are idiots” or “These people are helpless”. The first option drives toward the “bad” ending while the latter drives toward the “good” ending. Choose which one you see fit and head down to Esther’s.

On the way, at the bottom of the slope, be sure to open the basket by the stable which holds 6x Wild Chervil and 3x Hoof Fungus inside.

Next, head inside the house (pictured above) and speak to Esther.


Understand why Charles lingers

There are a bunch of different items downstairs that can be handled, looked over and examined. For anything important, you’ll need to head upstairs. There’s a note on Charles’ study that has a yellow marker above. Interact with it.

Next, head into the bedroom and approach the table at the back, where you’ll find the other letter (pictured below).

With both of these collected, head over to the other side of the room, and on top of a barrel you’ll find a collectible note, Where do nightmares come from?

Head down the stairs after and leave the house.


Investigate the Cemetery

Head down to the Cemetery through the docks. On the way, you’ll find some pick-ups, including 6x Leather (pictured below).

And there’s also a chest at the end of the pier too, which happens to hold 6x Wild Chervil, 35x Piece of Eight and 4x Leather. There’a also a pouch hanging from a little crane which holds 4x Leather.

With all that collected, head up into the cemetery and follow the wisp. Destroy the wooden barrier and destroy the enemies that show up.

There are a whole bunch of Pyrite pick-ups dotted around the landscape here, along with Hoof Fungus and flowers too. You’ll need these for the next phase but for now, take a left when you reach a fork in the road and you’ll find Charles’ grave here:

You won’t need to interact with this spot just yet though, so for now follow the pathway along as it curls up and around to the right. Going left will reach a point where you drop down to a lower walkway that curls back to Charles’ grave. Go ahead and do this, and be sure to grab some Seashore Candles on the side (which you will need for this next part of the mission), along with 4x Leather hidden under some breakable boxes.

Follow the wisp up and around afterwards and press X (A) to inspect the ground. Then, Press A (X) to Perform a Ritual.

For this one, you want to select Harkening. After watching the ghosts, head over to the right from this location (not through the broken fence panel slope) and grab 1x Charles’ Bible.

With this in hand, return to Charles’ Grave. With the Bible in hand, select “Make-Manifest”.


Join Red at the schoolhouse

Follow Esther home by walking alongside her, and then head back through the front of her house and out the front door.

Head all the way through town to the schoolhouse and press X (A) to open the door. Inside, you’ll find 3x Leather, a note called Banishers Techniques and a stool. Approach the stool and press X (A) to sit. This will trigger a cutscene, and end the first mission.


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