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Episode 8 of Sugar begins with Sugar finding Olivia in the basement of Ryan’s house. Back at Sugar’s house, Melanie gets a phone call and runs out. Sometime later, Olivia wakes up and sees Melanie, who wraps her up in a hug.

Sugar seems relieved the case is over. But there’s one loose end it seems as we see that Sugar stole a CD titled 44 from Ryan’s house. Elsewhere, Miller gets pulled over by a traffic police officer. She checks his license and then suddenly shoots him dead. She then calls it in.

Sugar heads to Ruby’s place, who tells him they have to leave that same day. Inside is also Henry and they discuss the bittersweetness of leaving. Henry gives Sugar a CD player, which the latter had asked for. Henry figures something about the case is still off.

While driving, Sugar listens to the CD. He listens to Ryan talking about himself and killing a woman by hitting her with a hammer. Sugar then arrives at the Siegel house. He offers Margit his condolences for David. He then meets Jonathan who offers him a full-time position as the head of security. Sugar kindly declines. They talk about Olivia and Jonathan says she hasn’t said a word about what happened.

He profusely thanks Sugar, who then gives Jonathan the compromising photos of Rachel, insinuating that Jonathan was the one who took them. Jonathan does admit they had an affair since Rachel was a lot like his wife, Lorraine. Until she got pregnant. Jonathan doesn’t quite confirm it but it seems Olivia is his daughter.

Sugar gets back in his car. He sees Olivia and then recalls himself and his sister on a different planet in their alien forms. He then leaves to meet Ruby and the others, continuing Ryan’s CD. He then leaves his dog with Melanie, who invites him in for a goodbye drink. She mentions his sister and Sugar admits his sister was taken a long time ago and they never found her.

After considering it for a few seconds, Sugar tells Melanie to take his hands. She does and Sugar’s eyes turn blue. Melanie tears up and then Sugar leaves, glad he showed Melanie who he really is even if he wasn’t supposed to.

Ruby calls Sugar and tells him the humans are hunting them down, so no one can learn about their pact with the politician. Sugar says he’s on the way and continues to listen to Ryan’s CD. Something in what he says makes Sugar turn the car around. He gets permission from the Siegels to speak with Olivia.

He asks Olivia if Ryan had an accomplice. She says he did. The person never spoke and she didn’t see his face but he kept writing, taking notes. On the way back, Sugar realises the accomplice was none other than Henry, who was always seen writing notes in a little notebook.

Sugar comes back to the house where he met Henry but it’s empty. The phone rings, it’s Henry and he knows that Sugar found out. Sugar accuses him of just watching. He says he was observing and learning. He claims to belong here, in the messiness of human life. Sugar says there is more to humans than that.

He’s not going back and he says he’s left rose petals for Sugar before putting the phone down. Sugar follows the petals to a wardrobe where he finds a robe that belonged to his sister, Djen. Henry took his sister.

Sugar wonders if he’s become more human due to being able to feel hurt, touch, taste and more. We then see him standing at a beach. A girl warns him about sharks in the water. Sugar meets Ruby and it turns out, she knew about Henry and Ryan. But she had no idea about Djen.

Ruby tries convincing him to come home but Sugar insists on staying. He says he likes human beings and is like them as well. While he’s driving back, he sees their spaceship heading back home. He muses about movie endings and then drives off into the sunset at the end of Sugar Episode 8.

The Episode Review

Episode 8 of Sugar ends the show with a bizarre, illogical and badly explained conclusion, much like everything to do with the alien subplot of the series. Not all ideas were bad. Henry being involved was a surprising twist and the way the reveal tied into the aliens’ overall aim to observe and learn about humans was a nice way to put the pieces together. The problem remains with the absolute lack of information or understanding about the aliens.

We don’t know who they are, what traits they have or how their society works. With none of this information, their comments about humanity feel blithe and meaningless. None of these musings have any significance at all. Maybe this would have worked better if the extra-terrestrial angle was brought to us in the very beginning.

Maybe it would have worked even better if the focus was only on the case of Olivia’s disappearance, which by itself was an intriguing mystery. Sadly, the two aspects were haphazardly combined into one, with yet another angle of Sugar’s love for movies showing up through clips from the classics. Each individual element might work well but together, too many ingredients ruin the dish.  

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