Such Brave Girls – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Such Daddy’s Girls

Do the girls see their dad at the funeral?

In Such Brave Girls Episode 6, Josie and Billie prepare to see their dad at their nan’s funeral.

Nicky asked Billie to go with him to open his ice bar in Manchester, but she thinks she needs to let him go because he’ll inevitably come crawling back, just like her dad.

Deb insists Dev not attend the funeral so he doesn’t run into her ex. But Spencer isn’t even there. Billie goes to find Nicky, realizing men don’t come crawling back; you have to go crawling to them.

After the funeral, Dev surprises Deb with a visit to Lisa’s gravestone, hoping it will bring them peace to move on.

What happens at Dev’s house?

When Seb acknowledges Josie’s trauma, it makes her feel special, and she initiates a kiss with him for the first time. During a visit to Dev’s house, Seb tells Dev he and Josie have finally done it. And Dev admits that he feels nervous having the girls over for the first time.

Deb thinks Dev is going to propose to her, but that he’s waiting until Billie gets there. Josie throws up when Seb mentions a life commitment to each other, and Deb begs her not to fuck this up for her. Josie wonders if he’s really going to provide for Deb; he hasn’t paid for anything once.

When Dev compliments her tendency to always be there for her daughters, Deb decides to go after Billie to Manchester with everyone.

Does Deb accept that Josie is gay?

When Billie meets up with Nicky, Bianca is there too. Apparently, Nicky has promised them both he’d name his bar after them.

Deb and the others then learn Billie isn’t going to Manchester. So, Dev asks his question: would she and the girls would take him to Spencer’s grave? It’s not the question she expected, and she agrees without thinking, despite there not actually being a grave. Then, for the first time, Dev offers to pay for something–the petrol.

Deb promises Josie that when she’s married she’ll be the happiest she’s ever felt. Josie doesn’t believe her–is that how she felt about dad?

Josie tells her mom if she really wants her to be happy, they will drive on and leave Seb behind at the gas station. Finally, Deb seems to get it. Josie has been supportive of her, and now she tells Dev to drive away for her daughter. Deb yells out of the car to Seb that Josie is gay. Well, “for now,” at least.

Does Billie go with Nicky to Manchester?

Once again, Bianca and Billie decide to band together and tell Nicky how they feel about him.

They tell him he’s been awful to both of them. Then Bianca starts returning a bunch of things Nicky gave her, but as Billie walks away, Bianca gets back in Nicky’s car without her realizing.

At home, Billie asks Josie if he ever loved her. “Sorry, do you mean Nicky or dad?” Billie replies that she’s not sure.

Is Dev going to provide for Deb?

To fulfill his request, Deb takes Dev to the grave of another man and claims that it’s Spencer’s. Billie yells at the grave to let some anger out. Deb says a few words and talks up Dev to “Spencer,” saying he would like him. He’s a good man; he even paid for petrol today.

But as they walk away, Dev asks Deb to transfer him the 30 pounds for the petrol he paid for.

Josie then leaves the angry note she wrote for her father, along with some tea bags. “Bye,” she says. “I hope it was worth it.”

How does Such Brave Girls Season 1 end?

Later, Dev tells the girls he met an interesting man in the pub earlier who couldn’t go to the funeral because he was scared of seeing his kids. Josie and Billie realize this was their dad, Spencer.

The Episode Review

If Deb’s sudden support of Josie doesn’t feel entirely earned, I think it’s because there’s quite a lot of conflict still brewing. This isn’t a resolution; it’s a stepping stone. Still, her sudden (likely fickle) support makes sense for this episode, given Josie’s consistent support for her mother in her relationship with Dev and Dev’s consistent complimenting of her motherly tendencies. I guess she can only be told she’s a good mother so many times before she actually starts to step up to the plate.

So she’s starting (just!) to accept Josie for who she is. But when will Deb wake up and realize that Dev is not who she wants him to be?

Thankfully, the end of this (too short!) season leaves room for more character development in the future. I’m particularly excited to see the introduction of Spencer. If this one gets renewed, season 2 can’t come soon enough.

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