Such Brave Girls – Season 1 Episode 4 “Such Outdoorsy Girls” Recap & Review

Such Outdoorsy Girls

In Such Brave Girls Season 1 Episode 4, Billie discovers Nicky has definitely blocked her. Josie is still with Seb, but she burns his things along with Nicky’s to manifest the reality she wants.

Dev is let down by the negative vibes, but wonders if the girls need a real bonfire. So, they all go camping together, and Josie is determined to find herself. She carries along a box full of art supplies with her name on it.

She texts Sid that she remembered who she is: an artist. But Deb tells her that getting in touch with her emotions is dangerous. Plus, she’s not that good an artist anyway.

While Dev mourns the adventures he’ll never have with Lisa, Josie offers to go get supplies with Billie–but she’s really only going out to get inspired. Meanwhile, Billie only feels empty without Nicky. She needs help filling her head with something besides him.

While out, they come across a church where Jane Austen wrote passages of Pride and Prejudice. Josie tries to feel the same inspiration, but she only stares at a blank page. She starts despairing over who she is if she can’t make any art.

Billie gets into a conversation with a priest, who tells her God will always do what’s right for her. Billie takes away that God is a man who can’t leave her, and she’s automatically in.

Dev and Deb go on a hike, and he talks about his memories of Lisa. Deb tries to distract him with sex, but he cries from thinking about his late wife.

When the girls don’t bring back any food, Deb can’t make a feast for Dev like Lisa used to. When Dev leaves, she worries she’ll never be as good as her.

When Josie makes Billie wonder if God could have made Nicky leave her, she decides to go get some answers. All she sees at the church is a man running away from her.

Deb confronts Josie over her desire to be an artist, insisting art makes people miserable and draws out emotions she can’t afford to have.

Deb is convinced Dev is going to return and decides Josie should go looking for him at night. Once again, Josie ignores her instructions to try and make art and paints a horse–but Deb and Billie only see her father, as she tends to make everything about her father. Deb then gets Josie to promise never to do art again.

Josie and Billie try to encourage Deb about winning over Lisa, as she’s alive and Lisa’s dead. She’s not second best to anyone. Dev then returns with an excuse for being away. He didn’t leave because she couldn’t be Lisa; he loves that she’s Deb.

The Episode Review

A surprisingly sweet ending wraps up an episode that’s touching and funny, if not as biting as previous entries.

Louise Brealey is so fantastic as Deb–hardened as someone who’s never had her way in her life. I hope deep down she’s a softie with a heart for her daughters. Will she ever come to understand Josie? I think first she has to extend herself grace and allow herself to pursue what it is she truly wants. Maybe then she can do the same for Josie.

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