Such Brave Girls – Season 1 Episode 3 “Such Birthday Girls” Recap & Review

Such Birthday Girls

In Such Brave Girls Season 1 Episode 3, Josie tries to convince Billie not to keep the baby. When she sees the ultrasound, she agrees.

Deb’s car is prepossessed, but she lies to Dev about it being in the shop, as he isn’t aware of her financial problems.

Josie decides it will be easier to be with Seb than confront her true feelings, but she doesn’t want to have sex with him, to his chagrin. She tries to convince him that he’s a sex addict, which makes him want to get therapy. But she doesn’t want him to find out that she’s a toxic presence in his life, so they make a deal: She has to give him two handjobs a week, plus on special occasions.

And the very next day happens to be a special occasion, her birthday. Dev doesn’t know about their financial struggles, so he assumes they’re going out to dinner. On the other hand, Deb assumes he is going to pay for it.

Billie goes to get an abortion in her witch’s costume from work. She doesn’t tell Nicky about it, however.

Meanwhile, Josie’s coworker listens to her struggles and asks her if she’s really so afraid to be alone.

At the birthday dinner with the family, Dev, Nicky, and Seb, Josie puts off her order for a long time so as to also put off her deal with Seb.

She mentions the abortion to Nicky offhand when Billie’s in the bathroom, and he rushes off. When Billie realizes what happened, she tells Josie Nicky was only being nice to her so she’d get the abortion. Back at the table, Billie announces to everybody that Josie’s a lesbian, then smashes her birthday cake in her face.

Nicky then blocks Billie, who decides once again that she’s going to kill herself. Deb finds them in the bathroom and wonders aloud what happened to this family. She says they used to be so open and honest, so Josie then tells her and Dev about the abortion.

Deb tells them both to grow up. She thinks Josie is deluded about thinking she’s gay and that Billie needs to pull herself together.

Deb thinks she has it figured out, as she’s with a man she thinks is going to provide for her. But of course, back at the table, Dev hands Deb the check.

Josie intentionally burns her hand so she doesn’t have to give Seb a handjob. She talks about a fictional scenario between her and another woman while Seb takes care of himself, but her fantasies don’t match up with Seb’s, it turns out. At least Josie’s started thinking about her own feelings.

The Episode Review

I’m loving the sisterly chemistry between Sadler and Davidson, and I can’t wait to see more of how their real-life relationship translates on screen.

Such Brave Girls has such a distinct voice that’s only growing stronger with each episode. It’s incredibly bold and dark without at all being flippant. Sadler really cares about important things (family, sexuality, trauma, healing) and I think they’ll be getting their proper due, just with many laughs along the way.

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