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Unaware that his older brother has just woken from his coma, episode 1 of Suburra season 3 begins with Spadino leading Angelica into his bedroom. There, they revel in the prospect of leading together and having a child. Tentatively rubbing her belly, Spadino decides to avenge Gabriele.

At the same time, Aureliano can’t stop thinking about the uneasy alliance between Samurai and Cinaglia – something that could cause them a lot of trouble.

Manfredi continues his rehabilitation while the family gather and get him up to scratch on what’s happening in Rome. His Mother hands over the ring, signifying her allegiance.

Meanwhile Cinaglia meets Samurai, who’s joined by Badali and Sara. The latter quickly takes her leave though, promising to phone Cinaglia later in the day. For now, the big story here comes from the Vatican’s upcoming Juiblee celebrations. Samurai decides to go and see Sibilla, someone he’s personally worked with for over 30 years.

He arrives alone, and promises a big share in the future for her. As they sign off on the names, Sibilla reflects on their journey. While she does, Cinaglia meets the new Cardinal at the Vatican. He confirms that the jubilee will be held in Africa rather than Italy this time. Nascari walks away, scoffing at the notion of changing this and making a passing comment about how much he sounds like Samurai.

On the back of this, Samurai is convinced that Nascari is holding secrets and is determined to find out what. He puts Cinaglia to work in a bid to uncover the truth.

Angelica and Spadino head over and meet Aureliano and Nadia but things are tense, to say the least. There’s no love lost between Nadia and Angelica, but Aureliano promises to take care of Flavio, who stands in their way. Following Gabriele’s death, Spadino is desperate for someone to pay for this.

Cinaglia shows Alice around a lavish apartment and contemplates whether they should move in together. She’s completely against the idea though, realizing he’s up to something and asks exactly how he afforded such a lavish expense. When she leaves, Cinaglia instead continues his affair with Sara.

Aureliano heads down to the docks and manages to sort out a meeting with Flavio. With Nadia keeping watch outside, he admits that he doesn’t trust anyone and wants them together. Only, armed men rush the building – Flavio’s guys – forcing Aureliano to think fast and fight his way out. It turns out Flavio is the one who fires the final shot, saving his brother.

With bloodshed in their wake, the duo scramble out the house and into Nadia’s car. He drops off Flavio on the way at a contact who can help get him patched up.

Afterward, he meets up with Spadino again and they talk business. Specifically, Angelica and Nadia are forced to work together in this uneasy alliance. Together they head to the playground and take Alice’s daughter as collateral damage. When Alice finds out, she’s beside herself and panicked.

In the dead of night, Samurai and Cinaglia meet up again. While Cingalia seems to have somewhat of a conscience, unable to follow through with this Nascari line of enquiry, he instead tasks Samurai to meet him.

Only, Aureliano and Spadino come out of the shadows and shoot him in cold blood. Spadino is the one to hit the final shot, shooting Samurai in the head. This was the plan all along to free his kids… or so Cinaglia thought. He’s not out the woods yet and the pair tell him there’s new business on the horizon.

The Episode Review

With the new world order changing, Samurai’s death opens up an interesting new direction for Rome’s future. It’s obvious Nascari is going to be involved in this plot in some way but quite how, remains to be seen for now.

Thankfully Spadino and Aureliano get their revenge following Lele’s shocking suicide last season. Now though, the more pressing subject falls to the future of Rome. Who will seize control now? And is there another twist in the tale to come?

It’s obvious that Cinaglia won’t take this lying down while Manfredi awakening from his coma looks to be the wild-card that could swing things in his favour.

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