Strung Out – Dead Rebellion | Album Review

Track List

Future Ghosts 
Signal Fires 
New Gods 
White Owls 
Life You Bleed 
Empire Down 
Veronica’s Song
Dystopian Party Blues 
Plastic Skeletons  


Punk band Strung Out has been around for a mammoth time, playing their hands to the bone, and rallying the crowds to their political party. The band is an institution now, breaking boundaries with every release, birthing new chords and intense breakdowns, silencing critics, and triggering conversations.  

Dead Rebellion is their crafted letter to the establishment, a compendium of fiery songs which all interconnect. Constructed with power and sincerity, the LP is a fresh take, as the band nods to their formula well.  

Punk has different faces, but Strung Out hasn’t fallen on the ugly side. Their style has grace, even though the music can be frantic, unconventional, and fast-paced. Dead Rebellion isn’t a quick departure from the norm either, it just feels heavier and more polished.  

‘Future Ghosts’ begins the record. Slow drumbeats ensue until the riffs come in with volatility. The lyrics describe love being smashed to pieces. There’s a war going on in the mind and the cities far and wide. The devil shows his venom.  

‘New Gods’ is a riff-driven track battering against the status quo. Hearts are breaking, and the song conveys disarming trust. That chorus is infectious.  

Another highlight is ‘Life You Bleed’ which opens slowly. There are punk elements here. The vocals are subtle, and textured and tell us an insightful story. Those riffs are structured intricately.  

Strung Out is an open-minded band and won’t change that thinking for anyone. Dead Rebellion is another statement, another cog in their well-oiled machine.  

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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