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Episode 7 of Strong Girl Nam-soon starts with Hwa-ja attacking Nam-soon with a knife. But Nam-soon stops the knife inches from herself and pushes Hwa-ja, sending her flying. Hee-sik tells her to turn herself in, revealing that he’s a cop. Hwa-ja says that she’s broken a bone.

Geum-ju meets with Shi-oh in private. Outside the room, a man with a scarred face whispers to a heavy-set guard. Inside, they play blind man’s bluff with cards. The catch is that the winner gets to make an offer the loser can’t refuse. Geum-ju wins the first round. She asks about Doogo and Shi-oh says he wants to make the company a global superpower. Geum-ju says that she wants to know who is bankrolling Doogo and she would like to invest in the company as well.

Nam-in meets Bong-go and tells him he’s declared independence from his mother. Looking at the family photo in Bong-go’s studio, Nam-in says Geum-ju wouldn’t like that since she wants to keep Nam-soon’s identity a secret.

Geum-dong helps Joong-gan and Jun-hee find the person who scammed Jun-hee. Joong-gan rushes out once he finds an address. Once they leave, Geum-dong makes a phone call.

Young-tak visits Dong-seok at Hee-sik’s house. Dong-seok claims to not have had any water and decides to leave the house so he can help with the investigation.  

Nam-soon and Hee-sik talk about Hwa-ja, who is in the hospital now but will be arrested once she heals. Since they haven’t found the drugs at Doogo yet, Nam-soon suggests finding the CEO’s computer. Hee-sik agrees that could help them find a client list. Nam-soon then speaks with another employee who claims to have a special energy drink to be able to work a lot of hours.

While driving, Geum-ju calls Bong-go and tells him to come over for a family party that she’s planning. She then gets a call from someone who is setting up a meeting with her.

Nam-in eats less chicken than usual and Bong-go notices. Nam-in tells him about the new diet pill and how it seems to be working. At the office, Dong-seok caves into his desire and puts a little water on his lips. It triggers the drug’s effect immediately. He then looks for the original face mask that Hee-sik brought in as evidence.

Geum-dong and Secretary Jung Na-young chat in Nam-in’s cafe. Geum-dong is about to ask Na-young what she thinks of him when Nam-in returns with leftover chicken.

Joong-gan storms into the scammer’s hideout and knocks out the two men inside. Jun-hee is startled at her display of strength as she carries them into the police station and orders the officers to arrest them. Happy with her work, she’s about to leave but two officers stop her. They inform her that the offender of the parking incident has died in a drug-related case and she might be called for questioning.

Afterwards, Jun-hee asks about her strength and she tells him about the hereditary trait. She also calls him for the family party happening that week.  Geum-ju meets her contact from Opulentia and they discuss Ryu Shi-oh’s past. Apparently, he was in Russia before he started Doogo. The logistics manager shows Shi-oh videos of Nam-soon stealing from the warehouse as well as one of her fights with Hwa-ja.

While working together, Hee-sik and Nam-soon share a fun banter and Hee-sik wonders if he might actually like her. Shi-oh sees a list of Geum-ju’s assets and tells his secretary to get more information. Geum-ju also asks the Opulentia contact to get more information on Bread Song. Just then, Bread Song’s assistant calls Geum-ju on the pretext of the numbers game they play with each other.

Since Geum-ju wanted to know where Bread Song is, the assistant says the numbers he gave her are the coordinates to a café where she can find him. Bread Song is indeed at the cafe, flirting with a woman and encouraging her to invest in a fund. Geum-ju watches him from afar and then approaches them. She asks him to give her tips on investing as well but he claims to be busy and leaves in a hurry.

The Doogo manager tells Nam-soon that the CEO wants to see her due to her theft of the goods. She calls Hee-sik, saying this is a good opportunity to get information on him. Hee-sik is meant to go to a briefing at the police station but suddenly turns his car around.

Nam-soon enters the CEO’s office and introduces herself to Shi-oh. They both pretend to not have seen each other before. She says she stole the goods to gift her parents in Mongolia. When Shi-oh calls her fascinating, Nam-soon exchanges numbers with him so they can be ‘friends’. They agree to meet for dinner sometime.

Nam-soon tells Shi-oh the good news. He tells her to wait for him at the warehouse parking lot. When he arrives, Hee-sik notices she’s wearing a pretty dress for dinner with her father. She teases him and they goof around. From his office, Shi-oh watches them running around.

Hee-sik drops Nam-soon off to meet her father and introduces himself to Bong-go. Nam-soon and her father then have a gala time at an amusement park, playing all the games. He later tells Nam-soon that she used to love stargazing. Once, she jumped really high to reach the stars but ended up falling and getting hurt. That’s why, Bong-go keeps worrying about her. She promises to not do anything dangerous.

Back at home, Shi-oh gets a call from his secretary who informs him about Geum-ju losing her daughter. He also knows that Hwa-ja, whose real name is Lee Myung-hee, pretended to be the fake daughter. However, the photo of the real daughter in Geum-ju’s newspaper is of another woman, not Nam-soon.

Jung Na-young is at the indoor golf range when she gets a notification from her dating app, but the man is not to her liking.

Hee-sik finally arrives at the police station but the briefing is long over. He asks one of his colleagues to look into Doogo’s server and look for drugs disguised as normal goods. While leaving, he sees missed calls from Young-tak and a message from Geum-ju who invites him to the family party.

The night of the party arrives and everybody turns up, dressed to the nines. Geum-ju makes Hee-sik and Jun-hee introduce themselves. She also hints that Nam-soon must ‘consummate’ her love this year itself. All of a sudden, Na-young shouts out that she’s pregnant and that Bong-go is the father. Chaos ensues as Bong-go protests that he hasn’t done anything. Of course, it’s all a prank for Bong-go’s birthday and the cake and streamers come out. Bong-go doesn’t look very happy.

Then Geum-ju sings a Spanish song while Joong-gan plays the piano. While having dinner, Nam-in is about to take a bite of his steak when it turns to stone. Or that’s what it looks like to him. The party goes on and Nam-soon and Hee-sik step outside. They talk about her Mongolian parents and Hee-sik reveals that his twin brother lost his life in the US due to a shooting incident.

Later on, all the men are in a sauna and Nam-soon’s relatives tell Hee-sik he passed the alcohol drinking test of the house. Elsewhere, the three women relax in a hot tub. The older women counsel Nam-soon about finding a good partner. When Nam-soon talks about the auroras in Mongolia, her mother and grandmother say they can make a moonbow. They throw water in the sky and lo and behold there’s a rainbow in the night sky. Of course, the water ends up raining on Hee-sik who is on his way home.

The next morning, the Doogo employee Nam-soon spoke to is found unconscious in his car. Nam-soon gets called to the CEO’s office again. Shi-oh makes Nam-soon an offer. He tells her to become a Doogo lobbyist to earn more money. But first, she needs to pass a test.

Hee-sik gets worried when he learns that his team has lost touch with Dong-seok. Meanwhile, Nam-in takes another pill from the same woman who gave him the first one.

Shi-oh takes Nam-soon to a facility for the test. She’s standing in a room while Shi-oh looks on from an elevated platform. He presses a button and an industrial press pushes down onto Nam-soon. Nam-soon stops it but the force channels her mother’s and grandmother’s energy. Geum-ju rushes out on her bike but Shi-oh keeps increasing the force and Strong Girl Nam-soon Episode 7 comes to a close.

The Episode Review

Strong Girl Nam-soon Episode 7 has moments of fun and thrill and intrigue. Hee-sik and Nam-soon share a cute dynamic with one another, although Nam-soon’s behaviour leans a bit too childish every now and then. But her conversation with her father about jumping for the stars was incredibly done and quite moving.

Nam-soon, her mother and her grandmother share heartwarming moments together. The moonbow scene is worthy of being the episode title since it highlights the importance of the bond between the women. Dong-seok and Nam-in’s slowly increasing use of the drugs keeps the thrill factor going. As they ingest more, the stakes keep rising even if Nam-soon and Hee-sik don’t know it.

However, a few flaws in the storytelling are beginning to stand out. Nam-soon’s conversation with Shi-oh about becoming ‘friends’ felt stilted and quite unrealistic. The test scene at the end feels like an unnatural escalation and it might have been better to ease into their relationship. The humour is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea either. I couldn’t help but agree with Bong-go that the prank on him was over the top.

Logic, too, seems like something easily overridden. It was subtle before but is a bit more glaring now. Dong-seok, for example. Exactly how is it possible for him to survive without food and water for this many days? Either way, looking forward to the next episode!

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  1. Actually the first Strong Woman had one of the most offensive and problematic characters I have ever seen in my life, the gay character… and the comedy was sometimes outrageous… so this second Strong Woman is such an improvement in comparison…
    and I love how the female characters are portrayed as superheroes, specially the older ones… it is quite groundbreaking!

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