Strong Girl Nam-soon – K-Drama Episode 14 Recap & Review

Forewarned Bloodbath

Episode 14 of Strong Girl Nam-soon begins with Shi-oh watching the video of Nam-soon jumping from the burning building. He flies into a rage as the truth sinks in.

At the news station, Na-young hesitates but then launches into the news report as usual. She accuses Shi-oh of drug distribution as well as of trying to murder Geum-ju. A flashback shows that Geum-ju realised something was wrong and called Na-young off-screen. She told her everything. Geum-ju then postponed the shoot and called Gentleman, her Opulentia contact, to protect Na-young’s sister.

Hee-sik and his team arrive at Nam-soon’s family home. They are greeted by Jun-hee, who shows up in a dressing gown. He introduces himself and then the manager turns up to escort them to the underground vault, their new workplace. Geum-ju calls Hee-sik and tells him to work from there while she goes to Busan to look for the sea hare imports. She tells him to keep his new workplace a secret even from Nam-soon.

After the call, Geum-ju gets a text from Gentleman who tells her Opulentia agents are protecting Na-young’s sister. Na-young profusely thanks her for her help.

Nam-soon and Nam-in are still searching for their father. Turns out, he’s weightlifting at a park while surrounded by his security guards. Geum-ju calls him and tells him off for not staying put at home. Nam-soon and Nam-in finally catch up to him as well.

Shi-oh thinks about all his moments with Nam-soon and grows angry. The next day, he agrees to speak with the reporters who have gathered by his office.

Geum-ju gathers the family and announces that they are going to Busan. She tells Nam-soon she wants them all to be within her reach so she can protect them. Joong-gan arrives and says she won’t be coming along. When she announces she will be divorcing Guk-jong, Geum-dong throws a fit. They’re interrupted by a call from Nam-gil who informs Geum-ju of a search and seizure at Gold Blue. Geum-ju tells him to give them everything.

In front of a large group of reporters, Shi-oh opens up one of Doogo’s jackets and proves that the feathers are just feathers. He tells them Geum-ju is acting out against him because he refused her investment. Secretary Yoon faces Kyle and the contract killer, both of whom are heavily bandaged in hospital beds.

They call the old woman, Joong-gan, a killer. On the way to Busan, Nam-soon calls Hee-sik and asks him to air ‘that video’. She knows he’s worried about her but she wants to solve the case.

Meanwhile, Madam Kim has drinks with Red Heels. She wonders why Red Heels came back. She’s also learnt that Geum-ju was the owner of the cafe Red Heels went to. But just as she’s coming close to the truth, Kim passes out and gives Red Heels the chance to look through Kim’s purse. She sends Hee-sik a list of VIP clients.

Nam-soon’s manager at Doogo tells Secretary Yoon about Nam-soon’s mysterious phone call. Yoon passes on the information to Shi-oh, who reveals that Tsetseg is Nam-soon.

Meanwhile, the investigators haven’t found any dirt on Geum-ju, just as she expected. Nam-gil ends up joining hands with Hee-sik’s team. He creates a commotion inside a courtroom and blames the judge for corruption and being part of Shi-oh’s drug ring. At the same time, Hee-sik and his team infiltrate a news station and expose Prosecutor Moon, who is being interviewed. They also reveal a video of Doogo’s lab and a clip of one of the victim’s mothers.

When they reach Busan, Geum-ju and Nam-soon see that the news about Doogo has blown up. They enter their Busan house where a surprise awaits Nam-soon — her Mongolian mother. They have a tearful reunion and Nam-soon introduces her to everyone. Bong-go thanks her for taking care of Nam-soon.

Secretary Yoon tells Shi-oh that he hasn’t been able to track Nam-soon’s location. He vows to kill them all.

The next morning, Nam-soon learns that Hee-sik and his team were arrested. Through Gentleman, Geum-ju finds out that the sea hares will arrive at a fish hatchery. She is then shocked to see none other than Bread Song standing nearby. He says Busan is his hometown. He was born an orphan and then ended up in Russia after working on a fishing boat. The photo of him and Shi-oh is just a photo of the time he was peddling Choco Pies in order to make money.

Just then, Nam-in and Bong-go enter the same restaurant Song and Geum-ju are at. Bong-go sees them and assumes something romantic is going on. He drags Nam-in out. Bread Song then tells Geum-ju he has several Russian contacts and can be useful to her.

Nam-soon and her Mongolian mother travel around the city and take in its sights. Back in Seoul, Joong-gan meets Guk-jong in the hospital along with a lawyer. She insists on a divorce and he flat-out refuses. Joong-gan’s lawyer has to do everything he can to hold her back.

A familiar face shows up. It’s Hwa-ja, who is now doing quite well for herself. Hwa-ja tells her old comrades that she is all set to live a decent life, thanks to Geum-ju’s help. But somebody follows her when she leaves the restaurant and Hwa-ja ends up getting stabbed. A car rolls up and Shi-oh gets out. He says this is the cost of her lies. Elsewhere, Prosecutor Moon is told that he will be questioned for his involvement with Shi-oh.

Joong-gan returns to the cafe to find that it’s been ransacked. A note tells her to come to an address if she wants Jun-hee alive. She goes to the location and makes quick work of the men who have tied Jun-hee up. Afterwards, they go to a restaurant.

Hee-sik and his team learn that a new commissioner general has been elected – Lee Jeong-sik. Hee-sik and his team are absolved and the commissioner has issued a warrant for Shi-oh as well. They exit their prison cell and Hee-sik gets a call from Jeong-sik, who tells him that his team has been reinstated.

Bong-go is upset about Geum-ju seeing someone else. Nam-in does his best to comfort him. Meanwhile, Geum-dong visits Na-young who is hooked up to an IV with some medicine. Geum-dong tries telling her she can lean on him but she clearly rebuffs his advances.

Madam Kim calls Shi-oh, panicking about the new commissioner ruining everything. He asks her for his location. Shi-oh then goes to a store and buys a ballpoint pen. Inside, he finds a white powder and ingests it. His veins turn blue and Shi-oh uses his new strength to stop an oncoming car. It has Lee Jeong-sik inside. Shi-oh beats up his security detail and then violently throws the commissioner to the ground.

While chatting with Na-young, Geum-ju gives her a video that she took at the fish hatchery and tells her to edit it. Nam-soon gets a text from Hwa-ja, asking how she is. She then sends something that shocks Nam-soon.

Hee-sik and his team spend one last night in the vault in Nam-soon’s house since their team is being officially reinstated.  They sneak upstairs to have some noodles and are forced to hide when Joong-gan and Jun-hee come home. Luckily, the two head off to finish their Netflix film from the other night. After they leave, Hee-sik gets the horrifying news about Lee Jeong-sik.

Nam-soon gets more texts from Hwa-ja. They say that Hwa-ja has died, she was killed by Shi-oh. Nam-soon realises it’s really Shi-oh texting her. He tells her that she’s next at the end of Strong Girl Nam-soon episode 14.

The Episode Review

Strong Girl Nam-soon episode 14 keeps things interesting but the storytelling seems a bit more shaky. I don’t see the point of introducing the new commissioner general, Lee Jeong-sik, as such a purveyor of change if he was only going to be killed before the episode ended. It all seems like a convenient way to get Hee-sik and his team out of prison but still keep the stakes high.

Other bits come across as shaky too. They never show us how Geum-ju helps Na-young heal from the drug she ingested. Hwa-ja’s fate, while sad, seems like a convenient sacrifice to push the other characters without much consequence.

Although, Joong-gan and Jun-hee’s romance continues to be a sweet spot in the midst of all the tension. I am surprised that they are leaving the confrontation between Shi-oh and Nam-soon right till the finale. Things will definitely be more thrilling once they come face to face.  

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