Street Food: USA – Netflix Season 1 Review

Season 1

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Los Angeles, California
Portland, Oregon
New York, New York
New Orleans, Louisiana
Oahu, Hawaii
Miami, Florida


There are a smattering of delicious food documentaries on Netflix. From the high-end, Emmy-nominated Chef’s Table all the way across to shows like Somebody Feed Phil, there’s something for everyone on the platform. Street Food – like its presence in America and across the world – is a solid, tasty mainstay. From Street Food: Asia to Street Food: Latin America, this docu-series has been a mainstay on Netflix and that trend continues here. This time, the crew jet off to the USA to showcase the amazing diversity of food across the country.

Beginning on the streets of LA and skipping across to Miami, Portland and even Hawaii, there’s a lot of variety to these episodes. If you’ve seen the previous Street Food entries on Netflix then the format will be very familiar and you’ll be right at home. For those unaware, Street Food showcases various different establishments, showcases their signature dishes, and dives into their family history to show just why these dishes are so important to them. Each area is broken up with an introductory bit of expository text, while interweaving these stories with shots of the food being cooked and eaten.

Along the way, Street Food introduces various different individuals, each sharing their life stories and how that intertwines with their food – and why doing this means so much to them. It’s a great way of combining history with cooking, and by now Street Food have absolutely nailed this format to perfection. I mentioned before in a previous review about the symbiotic relationship between culture and food, and it’s something that really typifies why Street Food is such an enjoyable watch.

Aesthetically, Street Food looks great too. The understated musical score shows off a variety of different genres while the visuals really get up close and personal with the food.

Street Food: USA is a great watch and there are some wonderful moments in here, continuing to blend culture with family history and delicious food being cooked. This thoughtful, well-written documentary continues to hit all the right notes. Just be prepared to come away from this feeling very hungry!


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  • Verdict - 7.5/10

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  1. I absolutely love this show. It inspires me to co ti use to book and experiment with different influences. My passion started with my parents who worked in the good industry but my passion came from the town I grew up in. St. Augustine FL had struggled over the years to make a name for itself but it has! The good and beverage industry here has taken over. Some of the best cuisine in the state. I highly recommend taking a look at this “small town”.

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