Street Food – Episode 7 “Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam” Recap & Review


Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

In the heart of Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City’s street food culture has helped elevate it to the pinnacle of culinary excellence. Personifying the strength and resilience of its residents, Vietnam has emerged as a real contender on the street food scene.

No further can this struggle be demonstrated than with Truoc, who we begin the episode following. Slowly perfecting snail recipes she learnt as a child, she sacrificed everything to make a better life for her son. Emotionally charged and incredibly raw, she talks us through the poverty and tragedy she persevered through to make a name for herself in the food world.

After a good start to the episode, we cut across to see the origins of the Com Tam dish, often referred to as Broken Rice. This delicacy has evolved over time to be beloved by the locals. Although the French brought baguettes and patè to Ho Chi Minh City, the way this has been twisted to create the Vietnamese icon, the Bi and Mi Sandwich, is something that really showcases just how innovative the chefs are in this country.

Continuing the trend of original food, the episode ends with a look at Anh Manh who talks us through his parents making their, now famous, Pho Soup after the war and seeing the changed dynamics around this humble bowl of noodle soup. With increased prosperity comes increased popularity and Anh Manh’s legacy continues to this day as we see through his family’s history.

For the most part, this episode on Vietnam’s rich culture and signature dishes continues the trend the rest of the season has taken with its delightful blend of beautiful establishing shots and cooking techniques. Another delightful episode for sure, Street Food continues to impress with its latest episode.


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