Street Food – Episode 1 “Bangkok, Thailand” Recap & Review


Bangkok, Thailand

Spread across 9 episodes, Street Food showcases some of the best street chefs in the world, beginning in the bustling city of Bangkok, Thailand.

Widely considered one of the food capitals of the world, Bangkok’s eclectic selection of cuisine makes it one of the best places in the world for street food. At the heart of this food-addicted city is the iconic Jay Fai, one of the most famous street food cooks in the world and a prolific household name in her own right.

After a brief introduction to the city and the food available, we’re taken on a journey through Jay’s past, including a fire which caused her to lose everything. From the brink of despair, Jay Fai pulled herself together, teaching herself from scratch how to cook. Through hard work, perseverance and an unrivaled determination, her Crab Omelet and Drunken Noodle dishes helped earn her a Michelin star and worldwide fame in the culinary world.

Between the gorgeous establishing shots of the city and the numerous close-up shots of the food, Street Food gets off to a great start, capturing the same feel and tone evident in Chef’s Table whilst shifting the focus effortlessly across to a different style of food in the process. It works well too, with Jay Fai given a good amount of time to showcase her talent and tell her back story into the culinary world.

Street Food gets off to a great start too and given the different chefs that are showcased through the series, offers enough to make it well worth checking out. If you’re a fan of cooking shows, Street Food is another great effort from Netflix.


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