Stream Of Consciousness – Spencer Brown | Album Review

Track Listing

SF To Berlin
Lose You
Love & Pain
Chance On Us
Foggy August
Everything’s A Cycle
Leaving Newcastle


Spencer Brown is one of the more prolific names on the Anjuna roster and his musicality, telling a cohesive journey through tight productions and slick, seamless beat-matching make him a real force on the turntables. Illusions Of Perfection is a solid showcase in its own right, combining elements of techno, trance and progressive house together into an eclectic mix of influences and ideas. Fast forward to 2020 and Spencer Brown is back with his second LP, Stream Of Consciousness.

At the end of 2019, Spencer teased a taster of things to come on this album by releasing the first two tracks, ‘SF To Berlin’ and ‘Lose You’; the latter contrasting beautifully with the simple and melodic instrumental opener. Beyond these two tracks, the album eases its way into four collaborations, including the euphoric, string-heavy vibes of ‘Pursuance’ with Anjunadeep’s Marsh and the moody, progressive feel of Qrion’s collaboration ‘Foggy August’.

The second half of the album switches things up for a much more synth-driven selection of tracks, with ‘Leaving Newcastle’ and ‘Resilience’ working harmoniously together before bowing out with the uplifting sounds of ‘Womaa’, a track that brings things back to the reflective vibes of the opener ‘Sf To Berlin’ but with much more of a heady feel to proceedings. This track is a great closer on the album and bows things out in the perfect way.

The harder, more techy sounds of the second half do have a tendency to blend together a little but there’s a conscious effort to prevent this stagnating the mix, with ‘Donna’ swapping out the synths for a minor-chord choirs instead, offerinf just enough fresh ideas to keep the mix moving forward.

Stream Of Consciousness is a moody, reflective journey that properly captures that live-set feel of seeing Spencer Brown live. It’s an album that dips and dives through various sub genres, blending influences of techno, progressive house and trance together to form that very distinct Spencer Brown sound. The collaborations work well in the mix and their inclusion further showcases the versatility of this talented producer. Stream Of Consciousness is a strong entry in the trance catalogue this year and an emotional musical journey well worth experiencing.



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  • Verdict - 8.5/10

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