Stray From The Path – Euthanasia | Album Review

Track Listing

Needful Things
May You Live Forever
Chest Candy
Bread & Roses
Law Abiding Citizen
The Salt In Your Spit
Neighbourhood Watch
Ladder Work


Stray From The Path expertly pushes the chaos of their genre forward, and they have embarked on a journey in pursuit of validation on Euthanasia, which is an album that, off the bat, conjures up an abrasive, no nonsense approach. It’s louder than most, and it doesn’t lose any momentum or spontaneity in the process. Clarity comes in too, giving the listener an insight into the workings of the band, and their feelings on life as a whole.

Screaming tension hits like a hammer, and the music becomes stricken by the loud vocals, but never becomes dull. Stray From The Path has never been a band to rest on their laurels, as they’ve certainly raised their game here, pushing themselves towards oblivion – but never stepping into the flames and poison.

Nearing the edge keeps this band going and on their toes. Euthanasia is their statement of intent; their musical standpoint and one that will reap rewards. Though it’s an unconventional sound blaring out, it has the passion and empowering hooks to be relevant.

‘Needful Things’ starts off the record. It’s harsh and ready to be subjected to scrutiny, and the powerful guitar moments excel and create a pulsating atmosphere. It’s a crushing beginning. ‘III’ is a spooky track by comparison, and it connects on a dark level. The band do not hold back their grievances or their viewpoints, and the song has been designed to shock. Every riff counts.

Finally it’s worth complementing ‘Bread And Roses’, which starts like an impending doom, and the vocals tell tales of broken memories and an ever-growing sickness.

Stray From The Path certainly takes their music to new heights and while not everyone will vibe to this one, there’s a decent LP here nonetheless.

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  • Verdict - 7/10

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