Stranger Things Season 3 Episode 7 Recap & Review

Fighting The Russians

Chatper 7 of Stranger Things sees a penultimate push toward the climactic finale. The episode itself starts with the Mayor giving a speech at the fair for the 4th of July celebrations.

As the fireworks explode in the distance, the gang discuss what Billy told El – that they were building something for her. They come to the conclusion that the Mind Flayer is making something to stop her as she is the main threat to its existence.

They then hear noises outside and see a much bigger Mind Flayer walking towards them. They barricade themselves in and gather any weapons they can find. Suddenly, arms of the monster start bursting through the cabin. El manages to stop some of them but not before being taken and almost swallowed by a menacing face full of teeth. Her friends grab her and manage to save her life but not before El’s bitten in the leg. In a rage, she almost splits the monster in two before it scurries away.

Back in the underground, Dustin and Erica manage to escape with Steve and Robin, who are still under the effect of the drugs. They finally make their way back to the surface though and hide in the mall.

While Hopper and the rest are driving back to Hawkins, Alexei explains that they need two keys to operate the machine. As they arrive at the fair, Joyce and Hopper look for the kids while Murray and Alexei enjoy the festivities. Unfortunately, one of the Russians arrives and shoots Alexei in the chest.

In Hawkins, Nancy and Jonathan talk about the monster. They realize that it’s made of all the flayed people and if they kill it, they will kill everyone inside too. As Mike struggles to tell El he loves her, Dustin finally gets through to Mike on his walkie, informing him that the Russians are trying to open the gate.

Steve and Robin manage to get the drugs our of their system and Steve admits his feelings for her, however she reveals that she actually likes girls.

Hopper fights off Russians as he makes his way through the rides and finally come face to face with the biker. Hopper shoots him in the chest but unfortunately he’s wearing a bullet proof vest. As more Russians arrive, Hopper manages to escape with Joyce and Murray.

Just as Dustin and the others are about to be discovered by the Russians, El and the others arrive to save the day by lifting a car and crushing them. After a happy reunion with both groups bringing each other up to speed with what theyve been up to, El collapses on the floor in agony over her leg injury, which appears to be infected by the Mind Flayer.

Stranger things delivers another strong episode as it reaches its climax. If it wasn’t for the unnecessary and, quite frankly, in-your-face Coca Cola product placement, the episode would be almost perfect. There’s some really impressively shot scenes here too. From the aerial shot across the forest to the fighting scene with Hopper and the Russians in the mirror maze, the production value of Stranger Things has been excellent this year.

Seeing both groups reunited after everything they’ve been through was quite an emotional moment to watch too. This was skilfully executed with the camera switches to each of the kids while they catch each other up on the recent events.

All these elements set the stage nicely for the finale and if it’s anything like the previous seasons, the last chapter promises to be tense, full of action and ending things on an almighty 4th July bang.


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