Stranger Things Season 3 Episode 6 Recap & Review

Eleven’s Discovery

Episode 6 of Stranger Things begins in the underground where the alarm is sounding, alerting the guards of the intruders. However, the group are separated with Dustin and Erica managing to escape but Robin and Steve caught by the Russians.

Back in the hospital, while Will feels that the Mind Flayer is nearby, Nancy frantically tries to run away from the monster. As she locks herself in a room, it manages to turn itself into a puddle and ooze its way under the door. El arrives to save the day and throws the monster out the window. However, it doesn’t die but instead escapes through the sewers, joining the others.

The next morning, as the 4th July preparations ramp up, the Mayor meets with the biker man. The latter tells the Mayor he wants him to find Hopper and threatens him.

Meanwhile, Hopper and Joyce continue to interrogate Alexei. They finally manage to get information out of him, where he explains that they are using a machine that produces energy to open a doorway between two worlds. Because the doorway in Hawkins has only just been closed, it’s easier to open that one. They also ask him it can be turned off to which he replies it can, but to get into the facility isn’t an easy feat.

In the underground, Dustin and Erica try to find a way to rescue their friends. Steve is brutally interrogated as the Russians believe he’s a spy. Robin and Steve then try to escape and in the process, have a heart to heart about popularity and their time at school. The Russians then come back in the room and inject Steve with a liquid to make him talk.

El spends a lot of time blindfolded early on, trying to find all the possessed while the others argue about El using her powers too much. Back at Mike’s house, they discuss the flayed and see that Billy is staying in his room. El then decides to see where he was before. She blindfolds herself again, finds Billy, and as she touches him finds herself  transported to the past on a beach.

We then see memories of Billy and his troubled childhood. As she carries on her search, El finally finds the source but not before giving away her position. Flayed Billy tells her that they will end her and everyone else too.

The Russians try to interrogate Robin and Steve once again. This time, Robin tells them about the code they have been intercepting. Suddenly the alarm goes off; the green liquid has been released and Dustin comes to the rescue.

As El finally heads back to the others from the astral plane, we see more of Hawkins’ citizens from the fair, walking towards the factory. As they arrive, one by one they turn into a gooey mass and join the monster, making it even bigger and stronger than before.

Stranger Things delivers another strong episode full of tense but also light-hearted moments. This masterful blend of comedy and horror is partly why the show works as well as it does. The character development throughout the series has been great this year and with the exception of Will, everyone has had a lot to do too.

With the final showdown fast approaching, Stranger Things kicks things up a notch to deliver a very good episode and easily one of the strongest of the season.


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