Strangers Again – K-drama Episode 12 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

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Episode 12 of Strangers Again starts at CEO Seo’s office where he asks Eun-beom if the reason why he is leaving is Ha-ra. He fails to answer and tells CEO Seo to think whatever he wants. When CEO Seo says he will ask Ha-ra, Eun-beom discloses that he was the one who broke up with her. CEO Seo advises him to get therapy since he keeps twisting his life and running away because he does not know what he wants.

Back in his office, he finds a complaint about his mother wanting to disconnect ties with him. He calls his mother and she demands that he go on a blind date and marry the girl she chooses then have two kids. If he does not do that, she will disown him and ask to be paid back for raising him. The ringing in his head worsens. CEO Seo finds the complaint on his desk and wonders if the office should help him.

Ha-ra’s mother arranges a blind date. She goes to confront her mother about it and learns that she had called Eun-beom over and asked him to break up with Ha-ra. She now understands what he meant when he said that her mother was pressuring her to break up with him. She storms out angry at her mother.

Ha-ra confronts Eun-beom about the meeting with her mom that she did not know about. He is convinced that Ha-ra wanted to break up after he opened up about his family. He says that he got back together after Ha-ra crazily went after him and broke up since she intended to. Hence, both the getting back together and the breakup had nothing to do with him. CEO Seo eavesdrops on their conversation.

CEO Seo makes a huge request of Ha-ra. He asks her to consider leaving the firm instead of Eun-beom. He tells her to go out there and work in bigger firms since their firm was too small for her. Her leaving is the most constructive solution.

Eun-beom files a counter complaint and while his mother is on the phone about it, her grandchild lets go of her hand and runs to catch her ball which is rolling across the road. A car screeches. In the next scene, Eun-beom’s sister calls Ha-ra to tell her that their mother got into an accident. She could not reach her brother on phone and requested Ha-ra to tell him. She drives him to the hospital.

Ha-ra offers to stay with Eun-beom at the hospital. She says it is because they were family once and that she did not want to have any regrets. She requests that he tells his mother all he wants to say and make sure he has no regrets.

After leaving the hospital, Ha-ra visits her mother. They have a happy meal together and she tells her about the breakup with Eun-beom. Back at the hospital, Eun-beom begs his mother to not give up and wake up. His mother wakes up and tells him that it was not his fault that his sister died young. Mother and son makeup and she gets discharged from the hospital.

Eun-beom learns from CEO Seo that Ha-ra is leaving the law firm. He is shocked and speechless. Attorney Kwon and Attorney Kang find out that they are having a boy and Si-wook is overjoyed.

Eun-beom and Ha-ra discuss her leaving the firm. She confirms that she decided to leave since she had somewhere else to go and he did not. In addition, in the future when they both start dating other people, it would be weird for them to still be working together. Eun-beom is distressed. He does some online research and figures he has an evasive disorder where he tends to avoid situations that might lead to rejection. He tries to ask Ha-ra out again.

How Does Strangers Again end?

Ha-ra and her mother go out for some delicious food. Her mother brings up the issue of blind dates and Ha-ra tells her she is not going to do that anymore. she feels she just wants to love Eun-beom and she cannot date or marry when she still has these feelings. She however does not quite understand what love is. She might end up wandering and living a lonely life leading to a lonely death without any children but she does not have a choice. Her mother encourages her to wander a little more until she figures out her answer and to love when she is ready.

On the other hand, Eun-beom decides to visit a psychiatrist. During the session, Eun-beom discloses that his heart is distressed because a woman he has broken up with more than five times was trying to become a stranger.

Ha-ra leaves the company and the company holds a congratulatory wedding ceremony for attorney Kang and attorney Kwon. Ha-ra and Eun-beom leave the ceremony together but go their separate ways.

The Episode Review

The episode was emotional and full of angst. Eun-beom and his family have made up while Bi-chwi and Si-wook also have happy endings. However, it was heartbreaking to see Eun-beom and Ha-ra go their separate ways. Eun-beom has so much to work on and he is not right for Ha-ra. He loves her but his mental issues are deep and he realizes that he needs to work on them first.

Ha-ra knows she might forever be in love with Eun-beom and has decided to try to live her life without bringing other people like Jae-gyum whom she might end up hurting. The big question is, can they become strangers again? The ending was such a cliffhanger!

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