Strangers Again – K-drama Episode 9 Recap & Review

Think About Dink

Episode 9 of Strangers Again starts with Eun-beom and Ha-ra going on a date. Coincidentally, the hotel they plan to meet at is the same as Mr Sung’s, the office assistant, having a blind date. They end up hiding from him and running out of the hotel hand in hand.

They buy take-out and go to Ha-ra’s house. Ha-ra asks why he decided to see her again. Eun-beom said he does not understand why he constantly worries about her, feels angry and frustrated when she cries and wants to embrace and console her like he used to feel before.

Ha-ra is scared he would act on his feelings and break her heart again. He promises to be good to her. Ha-ra is still in disbelief and wonders if she is dreaming. Eun-beom offers to pinch her but he embraces her instead. They almost kiss but Bi-chwi calls and drops a bomb that she is pregnant.

Ha-ra’s aunt calls later and says that her cousin is getting a divorce since the wife got an abortion without telling the husband. She also hints that She and Eun-beom argued all night since he thinks he does not want to have kids and Ha-ra wants kids. Bi-chi advised that she needs to re-think getting back together with Eun-beom due to this difference in opinions. They however decided to still give each other a chance since they just got back together.

Bi-chwi confirms that she is pregnant. Back at the office, Ha-ra tells the team about the divorce case between her cousin Jeong-soo and Hyo-jeong. The team has a slight debate about abortions where attorney Kwon wants to instantly take the side that the wife was wrong to do it. Ha-ra stops him from making arguments that would hurt Bi-chwi.

During a discussion with her cousin Jeong-soo, he reveals that he wants to have a child and had agreed to Dink (marriage without children) since it was what Hyo-jeong wanted. When she said she had gotten an abortion, Jeong-soo felt so hurt that he will never forget it. Since he wants a baby, she suggests he gets a divorce as soon as possible and remarry.

At the office, the assistants seem to have finally figured out who is having an affair in the office. Attorney Kwon buys Attorney Kang a meal to clear out the misunderstanding about the abortion issue. He notices some medication on Bi-chwi’s table and she says they are for a hangover.

Attorney Oh walks into the office and seeing no one had noticed her, she tiptoes to Attorney Goo’s office. They are about to secretly make out when someone knocks on his door. They promptly decide to go out and end up re-creating their first moments together. They end up arguing about having kids and don’t sleep together.

Ha-ra talks to her mother about her indecisiveness regarding Eun-beom not wanting kids. Her mother thinks any guy who does not want children is selfish and does not want responsibilities. Ha-ra should break up with him right away. They go on a date that ends up quite well and it seems like they are officially back together.

Hyo-jeong takes all the assets from Jeong-soo since he reversed his vasectomy and caused her to get pregnant. They decide to go to trial and CEO Hong warns Ha-ra the attorney she is up against is tough and should get ready for a fight.

Attorney Kwon ends up accidentally knowing about Bi-chwi’s pregnancy. Elsewhere, Ha-ra and Goh Eun have a heart-to-heart about having children. They later decide to go to court regarding their cases but Goh Eun has a change and decides they do a re-negotiation. The attorneys decode to bring the divorce settlement down to 50 million won from the previously stated 200 million won.

The office is having a conversation about the DINK relationship and Ms Jeon argues that such relationships are only important when the couples are in love. When the love cools down, individual selfish desires take over.

Attorney Kwon confronts Bi-chwi about her pregnancy. She insists the baby is not his but he is convinced he is the father. He asks her if she slept with another man and she answers easily that she did. He knows it is a lie since he knows her. If it were true, she would go off in a crazy mood and even threaten to sue him for defamation. She confesses that it is his baby. He says he will take responsibility and asks them to get married.

Elsewhere, Ha-ra and Eun-beom are having dinner and seem to be deep in differing thoughts. Ha-ra wonders if she will be happy without a child and Eun-beom wonders if they will be happy with children. The arrival of Eun-beom’s mother at the restaurant shocks them back to reality.

The Episode Review

The episode sheds light on the issue of children in marriage. The agreement on whether or not to have children before getting married is serious. Failure to respect each other’s decision can lead to serious disagreements that the marriage cannot withstand.

Will our star couple be able to handle the current differences carefully and still keep their relationship or will it lead to them breaking up again?

What effect does Eun-beom’s mother knowing about the relationship have on the couple? Will Attorney Kang finally accept attorney Kwon or will she keep rejecting him?

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