Strangers Again – K-drama Episode 8 Recap & Review

Love & Hate

Episode 8 of Strangers Again starts with Ha-ra standing on a metaphorical thin layer of ice, all cold, and with the ice starting to crack beneath her. She tries to run towards a light in the distance and almost falls off the metaphorical cliff but Eun-beom saves her.

Eun-beom carries a drunk Ha-ra to a hotel room and stays with her all night. The next morning Ha-ra complains to her friend Bi-chwi about how Eun-beom did nothing to her all night despite them being in the same bed. Bi-chwi thinks igniting something with Eun-beom is not right.

Back in her office, she asks Jae-gyeom to meet with her. She apologizes for her previous misdeeds. Jae-gyeom advises her to be honest with herself and go find the answers she is looking for. He wishes her the best.

Ha-ra informs the office that she is suing her father’s mistress for damage. Although reluctant, the team allows her to try. In another case, the prosecution intends to make Ga-eum a stalker by claiming that she threatened him after a one-night stand. In a twisted turn of events in the office, Attorney Goo ignores Attorney Oh while Attorney Kwon ignores Attorney Kang.

During the hearing, Eun-beom is not able to withdraw the hearsay testimony made by Kim’s wife and the court. Elsewhere, Ha-ra checks up on her mother. CEO Hong tries to convince her to not file for damages but asks her mother to accept divorce, which she still adamantly refuses.

Ha-ra tries to convince Eun-beom to take up the case for damages after Kim Ga-eun’s trial. She even entices him with money but he refuses since the case would be too uncomfortable for him. He is furious about ha-ra making a pass at him when she was drunk.

While having a drink with Bi-chwi, Ha-ra realizes that she still has unresolved feelings for Eun-beom. Since Eun-beom does not seem to read between the lines, Hara decided to confess her feelings and ask him out properly. Bi-chwi advises her to confess 10 times, being rejected 10 times will be enough for her to get over her ex-husband.

She storms into her office and tells him he likes him and wants to get back together. Eun-beom thinks she is joking and does not look at her twice. She takes her bag and walks home.

Eun-beom’s murder case gets even further complicated. He calls the defendant to the stand and the prosecution grills her about intentionally buying the knife to use for assault. Back at the office after the examination, Ha-ra waits for him in the basement. She confesses again and gets rejected over and over again but finally, Eun-beom agrees to talk it out.

He argues that she does not love him and that what she feels is obsession, regret, and obstinance. She cannot love him because she loathes him for what he did breaking up their marriage and running away to avoid her. She agrees that it is true she might loathe him, and he makes her so mad that she wants to kill him, however, she still wants him regardless. Ha-ra’s argument helps Eun-beom with his case.

Elsewhere, Ha-ra visits her mother with a letter confirming that her father had decided to live with his mistress and their daughter. She wants to file a lawsuit but her mother refuses to say she does not want to keep at it with the ex-husband. Her auntie blurts out that her mother was seeing someone else. Ha-ra thinks it is too soon but her aunt asks if she wanted her to stay sad for years like Ha-ra. Ha-ra’s father requests she allows him to see her sometimes.

Ga-eum’s sentence is reduced to seven years. outside the courthouse, Ha-ra texts Eun-beom to ask about the verdict. She also says she loves him for the last time and admits to being nervous. He calls and tells her they should see each other again.

The Episode Review

Ha-ra and Eun-beom decide to give each other a chance. The strong love and hate relationship between them means they are still not over each other. CEO Seo said hate is also love – even hotter than love actually.

The relationship between Ha-ra’s parents seems irreversible as they have completed the divorce and seeing other people. I hoped it would not end this way but seems the trust had been broken completely. What happens in the next phase of Ha-ra’s and Eun-beom’s renewed love version 2?

Also, Bi-chwi might be pregnant. What will happen to the love-hate relationship between her and attorney Kwon?

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