Strangers Again – K-drama Episode 7 Recap & Review

In the Name of Family

Episode 7 of Strangers Again starts with Ha-Ra and Eun-beom at a restaurant where they both receive calls. Eun-beom receives a call from her potential client Ga-eum while Eun-beom received a call from Ha-ra’s father.

Eun-beom thinks Ga-eum is the mistress and Eun-beom accidentally lets it slip that her father has a mistress. She runs a red light in anger on her way to meet with Ga-eum who was arrested for stabbing the father of her kid. Eun-beom decides to meet with the potential client while Ha-ra goes to confront her father.

His mistress was harassing ha-ra’s father and the news has become viral on the campus. She declares that she will help her mother divorce her father and storms out of the office. Eun-beom decides to take up Ga-eum’s criminal assault case.

Ha-Ra is trying to convince her mother to divorce but she is vehemently against it since she believes divorcing makes give the cheaters a chance to be happy together. She will not allow him to be happy with someone else and will punish him by having him by her side until she dies. She storms out after telling her mother to never contact her even if they both die.

Later, Ha-ra’s mother changes her mind and decides to get a divorce. Her mother tasks her with telling her father. He begs her on his knees, which makes her have a dilemma. Sharing her concerns with Jae-gyeom who strongly supports the divorce and asks her not to go soft.

During the first hearing of Ga-eum’s case, the wife gets a call that the stabbed man died. The case escalates from assault to murder. The client is not cooperative and wants to plead guilty to murder, which complicates Eun-beom’s defense. He initially intends to drop the case but Ga-eum’s daughter makes him change his mind. In addition, the client confesses that she did not want to kill him but he kept threatening her daughter and she could not let her daughter know about her father’s threats.

Eun-beom has a complicated case to handle. Ha-ra’s and Jae-gyeom’s problematic relationship is not helping either since they both constantly drop their complaints about each other on her. Later the annoying remarks made by Jae-gyeom about her parent’s divorce and Jae-gyeom’s paranoia about her working with her ex-husband make their break up.

During the hearing, Eun-beom tries to convince the court that the victim’s death was not caused by the wound inflicted by the defendant but because of his chronic illness, which caused an aortic aneurysm.

Ha-ra takes the divorce papers to her parents for them to sign but her mother is still reluctant. She does not want to sign and Ha-ra decides not to force her but says the alimony is not enough.

His mother thinks that her husband will never acknowledge the other woman’s child but Ha-ra enlightens her that if the other party was to file for an acknowledgement suit, her father would lose and be forced to register Ro-ra as his biological child. His mother had not thought about the other woman and her child, and the realization she cannot go on living as if nothing happened confuses her.

Ha-ra tells her to think if she can accept his out-of-marriage child and forgive him. She accepts and says she will not complain about it.

Just then someone rings the front door. Ro-ra is at the door with her bags claiming that she no longer wants to stay with her mother and came to stay with him. Ha-ra’s mother is shocked. Ro-ra and Ha-ra fight. Ro-ra claims that she has every right to stay at her father’s house too since Ha-ra is not the only daughter. As they are arguing, Ha-ra notices her mother walk past them with her bags.

Ha-Ra roams the streets dejected. She yearns to have someone to hold at that moment. She misses Eun-beom and decides to call him desperately saying she just wants to die. Everything around her turns cold and the thin ice she is standing on starts to crack.

The Episode Review

The epitome of the episode was the break-up between Ha-ra and Jae-gyeom. Their relationship was not a fan part of the plot though since they have diverse approaches to issues. I felt it was best for them to break up.

I am still rooting for Eun-beom and Ha-ra to get back together, though I’m still not sure Eun-beom has feelings for her.

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