Strangers Again – K-drama Episode 6 Recap & Review

What is Love?

Episode 6 of Strangers Again starts at a private meeting between Eun-Beom and the father-in-law. The man seems angry and annoyed at the same time that Eun Beom finds out about his situation. He tells Eun Beom to give him some time, and he will tell Ha-Ra. Eun Beom says he is not okay with leaving Ha-Ra in the dark, even if they are divorced.

The rumour about some people dating in the office is out, and the secretarial team tries to figure out who they might be. They deduce and think that the relationship between everybody in the office is complicated; hence, no one might be in a secret relationship.

Attorney Kwong is unhappy that Attorney Kang was not reachable over the weekend and did not inform him. She wonders why he is displeased when all they have is a sex-with-benefits kind of situation and not a relationship.

Ha-Ra is in Eun Beom’s office when Jae Gyeom calls her. Eun Beom flashes back to his talk with the father-in-law. Ha-Ra’s father said he made a mistake once. The woman gave birth but only came to him five years later. He felt he had no reason but to take responsibility. He tried to tell them but never found the right time. He requests Eun to give him some time. He says he will not be able to foo Ha-Ra for long.

CEO Hong gives Attorney Kang and Attorney Kwon a case to handle together. They are to stop the divorce of the landlord’s nephew. CEO Hong thinks they were ideally suited for the case since the parties involved were a lot like the two of them. While interviewing the husband, he tells them about their differences in personality which became hard to overcome after marriage. The wife was getting a transfer and wanted the husband to take care of the kids for one year. Attorney Kang and Attorney Kwong have entirely different outlooks on the case.

Ha-Ra’s mother texts to meet Eun Beom. Jae Gyeom waits for Ha-Ra outside her office. He is coming from a business trip and could not wait to meet her. He hugs her passionately, which conveys that he has deep feelings, unlike Ha-Ra, who had previously told Bi-Chwi she does not feel the excitement in the relationship. Eun Beom visits Ha-Ra’s mother, who also pleads with him not to tell Ha-Ra about the situation with the father since she loves her dad so much. Eun Beom reluctantly agrees.

During a meeting about the landlord’s case, CEO Hong reminds Attorney Kang and Attorney Kwon that the husband and wife are much more like them. Attorney Kwon is conservative, like the husband, while Attorney Kang is progressive, like the wife. She asks them to do a good job, but Attorney Kang is not confident since the husband’s conservative views make her angry.

Attorney Oh also has a case about a de facto marriage in a bigamy relationship. The client gave birth to a married man’s child. The wife does not know it, but now the child’s father wants to cut ties. The woman wants child support and alimony since it was a de facto marriage. The case seemed similar to Ha-Ra’s dad’s issue with failure to acknowledge the kid and wanting to cut ties,

Eun Beom panics and waits in Ha-Ra’s office to hear the details of the case. He pretends to want migraine medicine. She discloses the case details, and the more he hears about it, the more it seems similar to her father’s case. Ha-Ra catches on that  Eun Beom seems so interested in the case.

Back in his office, he calls his father-in-law. Ha-Ra’s father tells him that he already broke the news about wanting to break it off with the other women and describes he looks. She seems very similar to the woman who just came to see Ha-Ra, so he breaks the news that she came to see Ha-Ra.

In the discussion of the divorce case between the landlord’s nephew, the details of the complicated relationship come up. The woman details the man’s failure to help with any of the house chores despite them working the same hours. After listening to the wife’s point of view, Attorney Kang is enraged and storms out. Later in her office, Attorney Kwon updated that the client said he did not want to work with Attorney Kang anymore, but he had convinced him. He asks Attorney Kang out for dinner.

At dinner, Attorney Kwon opens up about the differences between the two, and he comes to understand their implications after the experience with the couple. He understands that Attorney Kang is unwilling to yield or compromise for the sake of a possible relationship between them. However, since he is unwilling to let go, he would try to do it her way. Although he is tacky and old-fashioned unable to separate feelings and body, he will try his best with her. He asks Bi-Chwi to take her time.

Jae Gyeom confesses to Ha-Ra, he loves her. She, at first, is dumbfounded but later says it back since he asks how she could date him if she did not love him. She calls Bi-Chwi later. She did say that she loved him, but she knew she had lied. She wonders what love is and how one is supposed to love. Suddenly, Bi-Chwi confesses that he has fallen for Attorney Kwon.

The nephew insists on divorce and brings Attorney Kwon a list of all their assets. Attorney Kwon realizes that the wife buys all assets, and she makes more money than the husband does. He wonders what the man wants and says he wants the house since they have been married for more than ten years, and he is entitled to the property. Attorney Kwon realizes that the guy has no conscience.

He explains the case to CEO Hong. His opinion is changed. CEO Hong tells him that the elders took the initiative to stop the divorce since he had nothing. He is disappointed that he did not get through to the client and might fire them. CEO Hong thinks it is all right, and they can move if necessary.

Just then, CEO Seo walks in with celebratory drinks. He says the landlord thanked them since the nephew pulled the divorce suit and agreed to respect the wife’s decision. The landlord called CEO Hong, and they did not have to move.

Attorney Oh’s client showed up without consultation when they were getting ready to leave. She says the de facto husband threatened her. She wants to know how to exact her revenge. Eun Beom waits around and asks Ha-Ra out to eat. At dinner, he kept asking about what the client wanted since he showed up abruptly. She tells him that the guy kept threatening her not to ask for an acknowledgement. She wanted advice on how to get revenge.

The client is seen calling someone in her car just as Ha-Ra’s father’s phone rings. He tells the person on the phone not to call her again, and the client tells the one on call not to hang up since it would be the last time they talk. The woman walks from her car while Ha-Ra’s dad is seen hurrying across the university halls heading somewhere. A man tries to pull the woman when her bag drops, and a knife falls off the bag.

Elsewhere at dinner, Ha-Ra discloses her advice to the client. She should forget that man and become happy now. Eun Beom is relieved since he is worried about her. Ha-Ra asks him why he is worried. She tells him that if he kept this up, she would take it the wrong way and think that he feels she is too good to give up on. Both their phones ring at the same time. One is the client, while the other is Ha-Ra’s father.

The Episode Review

The episode’s central theme is helping Attorney Kang and Attorney Kwon understand their differences and improve their relationship. There is a little mystery and cliffhangers regarding the woman and Ha-Ra’s father.

The situations seem similar, but we are not sure they are related. Is she the woman who has a child with Ha-Ra’s father? Why did she have a knife in her pocket? Who called Ha-Ra’s father, and where is he rushing off to?

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