Strangers Again – K-drama Episode 5 Recap & Review

Driving Away

Episode 5 of Strangers Again starts in Jae Gyeom’s apartment. Ha-Ra comes out of the shower and wants to look around. She only has a towel on so Jae Gyeom goes to take a shower too. He seems happy and as she is looking around, a woman walks in. Ha-Ra is startled, and her towel falls off. Ha-Ra tells her story to Bi-Chwi the next day during mealtime. She is concerned since the mother kept asking to meet her, and the fact that Jae Gyeom agrees is worrying since they have been dating for a day.

Eun Beom’s case is different. He does not intend to start dating Seo Hee and discusses with Si Wook about getting a new apartment since the discount at her parent’s place will run out as soon as he rejects her. Bi-Chwi overhears their conversation. Bi-Chwi and Si Wook are secretly meeting at a hotel.

Back at the office, CEO Hong approaches Attorney Oh with a case. Her daughter, whom she last saw 13 years ago, approached her asking for help. Her husband is asking for a divorce, and the daughter does not want to divorce him. Her ex-husband has been mistreating her husband, and he wants a divorce, not because their relationship is not good but because he cannot stand his father-in-law.

Jae Gyeom calls Ha-Ra to invite her out to lunch with his mother. She turns it down since she is busy with work and plans it for a later date. In another scene, Seo Hee’s mother invites Eun Beom for a barbecue party at the rooftop of their apartment to celebrate Da Wool’s discharge from the hospital.

It seems like his meal with his parents is going better than Ha-Ra’s, who is also having dinner with Jae Gyeom’s mother. Eun Beom promised to have dinner with Da Wool since it was her birthday the following week. Eun Beom looks through a box of memories in his apartment as he holds a photo of two young children.

In the courtroom, CEO Hong and her daughter find it challenging to ask for an adjustment instead of a divorce suit since the husband is determined to have a divorce. They have to fight against divorce in court. When they arrive back in the office after the hearing, Ha-Ra finds Jae Gyeom’s mother waiting for her. She came to apologize for what happened during dinner when she said Ha-Ra had not been married. Eun Beom sees Jae Gyeom’s mother.

He asks Ha-Ra about it in the break room. Ha-Ra opens up about her concerns. They had been dating officially not for long, but Gyeom kept making her meet the mother. She finds it burdensome and feels terrible about it since her mother treats her well. She says that Eun Beom was different. He asks if she just realized that he is different. She asks her not to compare him to Jae Gyeom since it would be endless.

Ha-Ra answers that Jae Gyeom is better than him in every way except by forcing him to meet his mother. His reaction is not readable. Bi-Chwi tells her it was because he was jealous. She feels concerned that she offended him, but Bi-Chwi tells her not to since he would compare her to Ki Seo Hee. Bi-Chwi tells her about the conversation she overheard, and her thoughts were that Eun Beom was trying to start something with Seo Hee.

At the courthouse, CEO Hong’s in-law testifies, and a background of how her ex-husband treats the son-in-law is provided. After Ha-Ra and Jae Gyeom have dinner, he asks her if she could take some days off in May since his mother wants them to go on a vacation together in Hawaii for his mother’s birthday.

She says she cannot take time off since they take time off in July, and also, she was not comfortable meeting his mother too often when they were not a family. She mentions not meeting Eun Beom’s mother often, which offends him. Ha-Ra confronts Eun-Beom about it and calls Jae Gyeom an idiot for insisting on friendliness between in-laws.

While talking, Ki Seo Hee comes to Eun Beom’s place, and she overhears her. She hangs up and seems troubled to the extent of not noticing the lights turn red and bumps into a car. Seo-Hee comes to ask about being in a relationship with Eun Beom, which he turns down. She asks him to leave the house since the first love discount is over.

At the divorce hearing, CEO Hong’s son-in-law pleaded with the court to agree to the divorce since it was hard for him to continue being a person whose father he hated so much. CEO Hong pleads that they allow them to repair their relationship by making adjustments to ensure that the father-in-law does not interfere in the relationship and pays for the harm caused. The judge ordered an adjustment and allowed the couple to give them one more chance.

CEO Hong goes to convince her ex-husband to agree to the adjustment. She drives the ex-husband to the ocean and threatens to drown them unless he signs the adjustment. The ex-husband agrees. Back at the office, she handles the agreement with her daughter, who is in disbelief. CEO Hong promises a better relationship with the daughter even if it might be too late.

After the meeting, Ha-Ra calls her father to check on her. In the break room, Eun Beom asks if she made up with Jae Gyeom, to which she answers that she already had after the slight accident. She asks how it is going between Eun Beom and Seo Hee. He still holds that nothing was happening between them, but she had a photo to prove sent while they were having a meal with the daughter.

He explains that they had a meal since it was Da Wool’s birthday. Ha-Ra says she does not care about it, to which Eun Beom’s expression seems to hurt. He tells her he has to move out. She encourages him to go and make up with his mother. As she walks out, she wonders whom he would give up his passenger seat to since he does not like her; he neither likes Ki Seo Hee nor any of his family. She wonders if she will continue being alone and wishes she would get into a massive crash and comes to his senses.

Eun Beom decides to make up with his mother by driving her to a check-up at the hospital. While in the waiting room, he sees someone familiar with a teenage girl. Before he could walk to him, the nurse called him in to see his mother. They walk to the elevator when it opens; the man is seen holding hands with the teenager. They lock eyes, and the man seems to panic. Eun Beom asks her mother the take the next one. His phone rings, and it says the father-in-law. He tells his mother to go to the department store alone.

The Episode Review

The relationship between Da Wool and Eun Beom in this episode convinced me that he might agree to date the mother. The episode portrayed another important topic about relationships with the in-laws. It depicted that mothers and fathers-in-law had no right to interfere in the marriage affairs of their children.

The episode also hints that Eun Beom might still have feelings for Ha-Ra. He seems hurt about the relationship with Jae Gyeom going well and listens to Ha-Ra when she suggests he makes up with the mother. I think Jae Gyeom pushed their relationship too fast by insisting on having Ha-Ra meet with the mother often, so her worries were valid. Curious to know about the father-in-law and the mysterious teenager in the next episode.

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