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Hard Lessons

Episode 4 of Strangers Again starts with a preview of what happened in court in the previous episode with Attorney Oh’s submission of affair evidence. Attorney Oh and Seo Hee’s ex-husband are confused by the turn of events. Attorney Goo tries to plead with the court to allow him to submit evidence that he did not cheat but asks Seo to create a cheating-like situation with him to get a divorce from his ex-wife Attorney Oh. Chaos almost arises in the court, and the judge rules that Attorney Oh should submit a written statement during the next hearing to refute the claims.

After the session, Attorney Oh runs after Ki Seo Hee and Eun Beom demanding an explanation from Seo Hee. Eun Beom asks her to talk to him since he was the one who planned the whole thing, but Ha-Ra insists on talking to Seo Hee. Seo says she got an urgent business to attend to and wants to leave. Ha-Ra asks for her phone number. In a panic, Seo Hee gives her a fake number and drives away.

Eun Beom explains to Ha-Ra why he did it. He wanted a divorce since married life was not for him. It was tiring, and he would have cheated but decided to give himself in before it happened. It was like a seven-year itch. Ha-Ra thinks it must have been worse than an affair that made him divorce her. She is not convinced it was a seven-year itch or that married life was not for Eun Beom. Eun tells her it was hard to explain and open up about then, and he knew she would not have agreed to divorce him for any other reason besides cheating.

Ha-Ra is still concerned about Eun’s and Seo’s relationship since it seems they are dating. She saw her leave his building the previous night. He confesses that he is living at Seo Hee’s parents’ building since he did not have enough money, and they let him stay there with a low-security deposit. The realization leaves Ha-Ra so shaken and in disbelief. Eun Goes for a drink with colleagues Attorney Kwon and CEO Seo while Ha-Ra talks to Bi-Chwi on the phone. They open up about their married life.

Eun Beom accommodated Ha-Ra since she never yielded to any of his requests, which was tiring. She did not want to talk to her about the misunderstandings because she turned too scary whenever they fought, and she was no longer the woman she loved and married. He knew he had to leave when she started talking about starting a family and having kids. On the other hand, Ha-Ra feels shameful and embarrassed that her actions made her lose the love of her life.

At the office, Ha-Ra goes to talk with CEO Hong. She said she thought she would lose the case and broke down crying. She wants to disappear since she made a big mistake. Attorney CEO comforts her with her own story and says she should not feel wrong about regrets since everyone regrets something once in a while. Ha-Ra’s biggest regret is that her marriage did not go smoothly, and she never got to have a child. She yearns to be a mother. CEO Hong says she is allowed to wallow and will be there to hold her hand to come back up.

During the recording of her show, Attorney Oh learns that her client was planning to move abroad with the child. After spending a weekend with her mother, the daughter says she does not want to go to America since it seems too far away. She wants to stay with her mother. Seo Hee records her and takes it to Eun Beom. She intends to present it in court as proof that the daughter does not want to go with the father.

Ha-Ra holds a meeting with the client and tries to convince him not to leave the country before the trial is wrapped up, but he is afraid of losing custody, so he insists on leaving. Although she is in a dilemma, she decides it is not her place to inform the other party of the client’s intentions since he is not breaking any rules. After talking to Jae Gyeom, she is convinced that since the father never gave up on the child but even quit his job to raise the daughter, he was justified in wanting to go away with her.

At the airport, Da Wool asks to go to the toilet. She sees some little girls with their mothers and misses her mom. She decides to run away. Elsewhere, Ha-Ra is having dinner with Jae Gyeom, and he expresses his love. At the airport, Joon worries about her daughter and sends a lady to help him check in. Outside the airport, Da Wool tries to cross the road at a zebra crossing and gets into an accident.

Ha-Ra and Jae Gyeom are watching a movie when she is sent news about the accident. At the hospital, the family is distraught. Eun Beom is furious that Ha-Ra knew about him taking the child away but never told him. Ha-Ra holds that she had the attorney-client privilege and was not obligated to tell him. She did what she could as an attorney as she tried to stop him. What happened next, although sad, she is not to blame. Ha-Ra gets emotional, too, since it is all happening because Seo abandoned her child. She felt sad and depressed, but Jae Gyeom was waiting outside the hospital.

The surgery was successful, and the child was okay. Attorney Geum updates that their clients are no longer pushing the custody case. Eun Beom apologizes to Ha-Ra. She tells him not to send her alimony anymore and Attorney Goo wins the case.

Attorney Kwon and Attorney Kang are still having a weird relationship at the office since they slept together. Attorney Kang confronts Attorney Kwon and asks him to forget about what happened. Attorney Kwon says he could not do it. It is not easy to forget since he keeps thinking about it. Bi-Chwi kisses him.

At the hospital, Da Wool wakes up. When escorting Eun Beom from the hospital, Seo Hee asks him to be Da Wool’s dad. She wants them to start dating. On the other hand, Ha-Ra thinks about Eun Beom as Jae Gyeom drives her home. She asks why he likes her while she does whatever she likes. He will get tired of her someday. Jae Gyeom responds that it is okay; he needs to get tired of her sometimes. Ha-Ra agrees to start dating officially.

The Episode Review

This was an emotional episode. Finally, we got the explanation of the misunderstanding that led to the divorce between Ha-Ra and Eun Beom. It was so sad that a partner could be draining their spouse emotionally and psychologically, unaware of the damage they are causing.

Eun Beom seems desperate while married to Ha-Ra, and regardless of how much he loves her, he has to leave and agree to pay an insane amount as alimony since he is the one who gave up. The custody case was also an emotional one too. However, I think Eun Beom was slightly unprofessional when he yelled at Ha-Ra. Ha-Ra said he was acting more like a father, not an attorney. I am glad he realized and apologized the next day.

Jae Gyeom waiting for Ha-Ra at the hospital was heart fluttering. She was sad, angry, depressed, and guilty about the accident; when she was at her lowest, he was waiting for her. Curious to find out if the fake relationship will turn into a real one and what is next in Ha-Ra’s and Gyeom’s relationship.

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