Strange Planet Season 1 Review – A funny, engaging and retrospective animated comedy

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The genre of animated TV shows is vastly growing in the present with the rise of Japanese anime. As animation continues to expand, Apple TV’s newest Adult Swim show, Strange Planet, comes as a great source of entertainment. The first season has 10 short episodes in total and was released on the streaming platform over the span of close to three months.

The show released one episode per week and followed the story of a planet, which resembles our human world. The series is co-created by Nathan W. Pyle and Emmy Award winner Dan Harmon, who is known for shows like Rick and Morty and Community.

The show is adapted from Pyle’s #1 New York Times bestselling graphic novel and is set in a fantastical landscape. Strange Planet takes a hilarious and perceptive dive, narrating the story of a vibrant world filled with blue beings who go through their everyday lives by following bizarre traditions and rituals.

The show is quick and very interesting watch that is quite engaging. The narration is linear and easy to comprehend, and since this is set in an alternate version of the human world, the Strange Planet and the beings on it remind viewers of our own world.

The Strange Planet as a world of its own is straightforward to a fault and the beings there do not sugar-coat things, unlike humans. This makes the show very retrospective and forces viewers to think about the consequences of their actions. The show does a pretty great job of introducing us to the literal synonyms of real-life objects that exist in our world.

What we call alcohol is called mild poison, while coffee is called jitter liquid. A pillow is called a comfort square. Terms like these and many more sometimes make you make sense of the things in our world and put the brutal reality of our planet into perspective.

Strange Planet is better watched than read about and it is a highly recommended show for viewers who enjoy a quick, engaging comedy. The show ends on a cliffhanger and open-ended note which makes us hopeful for this one to have another season. Strange Planet is a light-hearted satire that makes you laugh in moments that you would not expect to.

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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