Strange Planet — Episode 3 “Careful Now” Recap & Review

Careful Now

Episode 3 of Strange Planet takes place a little time after the events of the previous episode at the restaurant where the manager worked. A couple of beige, who first meet at her laundromat, start chatting and flirting with each other. One of them suggests they go out on a date at the dangerous but popular restaurant, Careful Now.

The couple discuss how the restaurant was built on the edge of a cliff and could fall off very soon. At the restaurant, the couple comes to the conclusion that it’s not the right time for them to be a couple when one of the two beings claims that their planet is going to experience an eclipse in the days to come.

The planet has two moons and when both align together, there is an eclipse which is also known as double shadow day. The being from the laundromat doesn’t want to make any serious decisions around the double shadow day as it could negatively impact their life.

The other being from the laundromat is left all alone at the restaurant when the owner finds them there. Meanwhile, the manager and the owner of the restaurant discuss ways in which they could make the rooftop area of the restaurant more attractive for customers to appreciate the ocean view.

Despite their best suggestions, the manager is not able to give input that is liked by the owner. The restaurant owner notices the laundromat being all alone and offers them a job at the restaurant, despite their lack of skills as waitstaff. Currently, the laundromat being is the only waitstaff at the restaurant.

The manager thinks that hiring an inexperienced being is not a great idea. The laundromat being is hired all the same and the manager shows them the ropes around the hospital. There, the manager spots the same being that took care of their vibrating creature a few nights before but avoids talking to them.

The new waitstaff also learns that the restaurant is being assessed for safety and health violations at present and that the restaurant is slowly drifting off the cliff and crashing. The assessment officer claims that the restaurant is very close to falling off the cliff and it’s likely to fall off on double shadow day.

They add that they will add a reinforcement to the foundation in order to make sure the restaurant is out of danger of destruction. This calms the manager and the new waitstaff despite the latter’s safety concerns with regard to the restaurant.

The manager tells the waitstaff that they quit their degree in meteorology to work at the restaurant because they are good at this job and wanted to stop doing the thing they were bad at.

The manager takes the waitstaff to the rooftop where the owner tells him that they’ll get a raise in salary if they come up with a unique rooftop attraction. Inside the restaurant, the waitstaff notices the manager glancing at the being that took care of their vibrating creature.

They ask the manager to talk to them but the manager claims that they were introverted and were afraid of what might happen as they were approaching double shadow day. The managers send a note with the bill via the new waitstaff.

In the note, the manager apologises to the being that took care of their vibrating creature and claims that they were sorry for not reaching out after their interaction that night. The manager adds that they will be willing to hang out with the being because they liked them.

The new waitstaff comes up with the idea of putting a telescope in the rooftop area in order to let the customers of the restaurant enjoy the beauty of the double shadow day by gazing up at the two moons. The manager tells the restaurant owner that hiring the new waitstaff is a good decision despite the fact that they’re a terrible server.

They believe that every being has their own unique potential that doesn’t need to match their profession. That night, the manager and the waitstaff bond after work. The manager tells the waitstaff that if the restaurant were to plummet, they would do so in good company.

The Episode Review

I was rooting for the lonely sibling and the manager and it looks like they are going to be long-running characters on this show… or at least I hope for them to be! From what we see now, Careful Now may end up falling or close to falling by double shadow day. 

It is also possible that the manager realises how much they should pursue a career in meteorology even if they’re bad at it. The new waitstaff is probably going to be really bad at their job and this could possibly inspire the manager to chase their dreams. I have great expectations from this one and this show is growing on me already. 

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