Strange Planet — Episode 2 “Greyscale Finger Bandit” Recap & Review

Greyscale Finger Bandit

Episode 2 of Strange Planet starts by explaining how the beings of this planet have started adopting pets. After testing out which wild creatures they could cohabitate with and which they could not, the beings conclude that only a few creatures like vibrating and moral animals also known as cats and dogs in our world.

The beings try to understand if these creatures actually love the beings or just live with them because of the treats.

A couple of siblings are having some drinks at a popular restaurant. One of them tells the other that they were feeling lonely. The other suggests their sibling adopt a pet but the former claims that they would rather have a being to love them than a creature.

Just then the junior waitstaff bring Lonely sibling’s food out and the waitstaff manager notices that the order was incorrect. Lonely sibling is touched to see how the manager had noticed a minute detail in their order just because they were regular there. They try to flirt with the manager but fail.

At the same time, a being and their six-year-old child have an argument because the child wants a creature to pet. The lifegiver (also known as lifegiver in our world) claims that they are not adept to take care of a pet yet and that the creature would come to the child when the time was right.

The child is upset but takes the trash out as per their lifesaver’s request. Outside, the pet sees a greyscale finger bandit also known as a feral wild cat in the trashcan and decides that it is the creature they would like to adopt. At the restaurant, the other sibling points out that lonely sibling should make a move on the manager if they like them so much.

However, the manager is forced to stay back and work another shift because the other waitstaff have taken a holiday out of the blue. The owner claims that a couple are celebrating their 50th anniversary of being together and need to be taken care of that evening.

The manager tells the restaurant owner that they need to be home soon as their vibrating creature is asthmatic. Lonely sibling claims that they too have a similar lung disease and know how to use an inhaler as they used one.

Their sibling tries to tell lonely sibling that it’s a bad idea as they’re allergic to pets but lonely sibling is too infatuated to listen to their sibling. The manager is grateful for lonely sibling and gives them directions to their house.

As it turns out, the manager is the next-door neighbour with the little being who wanted the feral cat for a pet. Lonely sibling manages to arrive at the manager’s house and tries to medicate the vibrating creature but fails to befriend it. They try and try to pet the creature but are only met with rejection.

Lonely sibling talks to their sibling and tries to find more ways to befriend the creature but ends up spilling red mild poison, also known as red wine, on the creature leaving a big pink stain on them. The creature eventually comes close to lonely sibling and the latter manages to give the creature the medicine using the inhaler.

The manager is having a very busy day at work when they are tasked with replicating the same cake the elderly couple had ordered on their last anniversary. With the pastry chef on holiday, the manager decides to resort to a video on the internet to make the exotic cake themselves.

After slaving in the kitchen for a long while, the manager is able to replicate the same cake. Meanwhile, the child tries to pet the feral cat but is not able to tame it. Their lifegiver tries to explain how years and years ago ancient beings had tested how some wild creatures could not be cohabitated with.

The child is persistent on adopting the feral cat which leads the lifegiver to take them to a pet store to adopt a creature. The child discovers that they really liked the feral cat and runs outside the shop without the guidance of their lifegiver. They end up getting injured which leads the lifegiver to keep them in their room.

Still persistent to adopt the feral cat, the child decides to try and lure the creature with some treats and sneaks out of their window despite the injury. Meanwhile, lonely sibling makes a mess of the manager’s perfect home while trying to get the wine stain out of the vibrating creature.

They call their sibling for help and try to take the stain off using various methods including tutorials from videos on the internet. The siblings end up in a much bigger mess when the white vibrating creature turns completely pink. The feral cat from outside ends up entering the house and steals the chocolate bar on the counter, only adding to the mess. 

The manager presents the cake to the couple and sets it ablaze for presentation purposes. The action causes a mild fire and sets off the smoke detectors in the restaurant, causing the sprinklers to go off. The manager is embarrassed for messing things up, despite trying so hard, but the couple claim that it’s perfect as it was raining on the day they started seeing each other.

The manager finally goes back home and finds the child trying to feed the feral cat chocolate. The lifegiver of the child rushes outside to see what their child is up to and the manager tries to explain to the child how some creatures can never be tamed, no matter how hard they try.

They offer to let the child play and take care of their vibrating creature when they’re away and the child agrees to it. The manager gets home and is shocked to see their pet had turned pink. Lonely sibling claims that they deceived the manager because they wanted to do a good thing but kept messing it all up.

The manager is compassionate towards lonely sibling and believe that they’re able to fulfil their responsibility well because they made sure the vibrating creature took the medicine. The two discuss if creatures really love beings and agree to go out on a date in the future as the episode comes to an end.

The Episode Review

This episode was interesting but chaotic at the same time. From what we can see, children from the strange planet are just as annoying as children from our own. I wish there was a universe where kids listened to their parents or as they call them lifegivers here. However, if that were to happen, creatures would never grow up to learn from their mistakes.

This episode details the pressures of pet dependency and how being a pet parent is just as big a responsibility as parenting a child. I love how things come full circle eventually, with lonely sibling finding a partner in the manager who owns a pet.

It looks like the manager is being overworked and underpaid and this seems like the reality for many people in our world too.

I think this show is only bound to get better with every episode and I look forward to seeing how things turn out for the characters here.

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