Story Of The Year – Tear Me To Pieces | Album Review

Track Listing 

Tear Me To Pieces
Real Life
Dead And Gone
Can’t Save You
Sorry About Me
Knives Out
Use Me


Story Of The Year does not hold back on this release and the band directs their sound to the disenchanted, the people who are losing the will to even open their eyes again after they wake. Tear Me To Pieces is a rallying cry, an album of sadness and obscured apathy and one that is fuelled by anger and broken memories.

The act tries to find solace in a bottle but comes undone, and the sorrow runs deep, with the band echoing their feelings through these loud songs; tracks that shouldn’t be judged on their calmness. The band is on the warpath, there’s no doubting that, and love gets put through its paces.

Every lyric summons regret, every moment on this record is fixed on pessimistic traits, and the band can’t seem to see the light, though a battle for clarity is on the agenda, and urgent screams for clear thoughts are needed.

11 songs make up this record. ‘Real Life’ opens with a sturdy riff, and the vocals are quick and decisive. The chorus bubbles with intensity, and the lyrics explain the debilitating nature of depression.

‘War’ naturally grows louder, breaking in urgently. The screams increase the tension and the drama. Evocatively, the lyrics describe a loveless relationship, a bond that will snap imminently.

‘Sorry About Me’ melodically pulls at the heartstrings and the rhythm is good. That acoustic backdrop adds another component, and the song then becomes a rousing success.

Story Of The Year has created a record that doesn’t fully light up the pop punk scene, but it has some songs that do trigger attention.

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  • Verdict - 7/10

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