Storm Orchestra – What A Time To Be Alive | Album Review

storm orchestra album

Track Listing

Piece Of You
Wait A Minute
Now Or Never
Come Undone
Tones Of The Thunder
Break The Rules
Die Die Die


Big choruses and attitude spur on Storm Orchestra, a band looking for optimism in such a pessimistic world, and their record ‘What A Time To Be Alive’ clicks into place at moments. It’s loud when it needs to be, carefree when it needs to be, and sometimes the songs do seem strained, though there’re times when it all explodes into a dramatic scene.

By portraying through their music a world gone mad and love colliding with pain, the band rally for a place to rest their heads, but everything is becoming overwhelming. Through it all, the act tells us that their lives are bound in despair, and it’s easily heard that they’re struggling to repair even the simplest rip in their resolve.

Some of this album works seamlessly, then at points, it falters. From the beginning the guitars are fresh and daring, often pulsating, but the 2nd half of the record falls into a repetitive cycle. This may be due to a lack of imagination or it could be that some just don’t get it.

‘Piece Of You’ begins with rousing guitar work and it generates enough in terms of complexity, pushing the band to greater ground. Lyrically, the song tackles love, and a love interest is the focal point.

‘Criminal’ opens softly until the chorus pushes through. There’s enough heart here and the track offers crushing instrumentals, keeping it interesting.

‘Come Undone’ serves up nothing remarkable, and it’s a repetitive track which has been done many times before.

Storm Orchestra does well in the first part of their record but after that, it all becomes a little tedious.

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  • Verdict - 5/10

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