Still up – Season 1 Episode 8 “The Wedding” Recap & Review

The Wedding

Towards the beginning of episode 8 of Still Up, Lisa and Veggie come face to face outside Danny’s apartment building. Lisa gifts the stray cat to David before she proceeds. When he lingers, the duo decide to walk away. The gist of their conversation, which feels more like a confrontation, is the lack of spark. Veggie isn’t concerned that Lisa is not sleeping with Danny; he is concerned that she isn’t. It is a beautiful way to sum up his confusion.

Veggie feels that due to their completely opposite sleep cycles, he misses the parts of Lisa where “she shines the brightest.” Their relationship cannot function like this. Tears start to flow down her cheeks as Veggie realizes that Lisa’s distant behaviour lately is sparked by the thought of him proposing. Lisa calls Danny with the information that Veggie has left the apartment – for the night. But she does not know if he will be coming back. We then take a giant leap three years into the past to arrive at The Wedding.

This was a time when Danny was not agoraphobic, had a job writing for the NME magazine, and was in a relationship with Chloe…or at least he thought he was. But most importantly, this is the day he met Lisa. If it weren’t for Chloe’s pre-meditation, you’d think Lisa and Danny were perfect for each other. They were so seamless and cute together, with a flirtatious exchange every now and then.

Unbeknownst to Danny, Chloe was sleeping with Milo, her presumed manager. And two other people as Lisa had revealed in episode 5. Lisa learnt this obnoxious and shocking detail while in the bathroom as she matched with Veggie on the dating app. In an earlier moment, it is apparent that Lisa was instantly attracted to Danny. But she didn’t make a move due to Chloe. Or perhaps Danny didn’t. Timing is a bitch, indeed!

Lisa’s confusion was compounded when she learned that Danny was about to propose to Chloe. Instead of telling him, Lisa did something wholly unexpected. We break to the present where Danny and Lisa have a quick dancing sesh before reverting back to the past. Danny jumped up on stage as Chloe performed and their friends’ wedding ceremony was about to happen. But to his utter surprise, as Danny went down on one knee, he couldn’t find the ring. In its absence, he humiliated himself, something that has stayed with him even today.

But how could Danny lose the ring if he found it in his pocket just minutes later? Lisa has an explanation for him…she took it out. Danny is shocked. He cannot believe her. It takes a couple of minutes for Danny to absorb that perhaps it was not a betrayal but an act of defiance. Before they can proceed, Lisa mentions how she “liked Danny” and disconnects the call. Danny cannot take it anymore. He puts on his coat and ventures outside. 

Just then, Veggie shows up at the apartment unexpectedly and “states” the lyrics of I’ll Be a Mirror to You to Lisa. His intentions are pure and honest but presentation is egregiously lacking. He goes off to bed with renewed confidence that perhaps Lisa won’t leave him. She looks confused and takes solace in Veggie’s promise: “I will always be here for you.”

Danny first thinks of taking a cab, then takes the bus and then runs the rest of the way…until he is finally greeted by garden sprays in Lisa’s garden as she laughs uncontrollably looking through the window. They talk on the phone in whispers but it does not matter, for Danny’s mind is made up. He narrates the song’s lyrics in the right context with confidence that would make anyone weak in their knees. He isn’t deterred by Veggie’s return because he knows Lisa “likes him.” She does not know it yet but eventually, they will find their way to each other. And that is the end of Still Up’s Season 1!

The Episode Review

It is difficult to give you an answer as to what the ending really meant… It somewhat reflects the uncertainty that has plagued the series as a whole throughout. But it does recontextualize many bits that didn’t have an explanation before. Still Up, in its essence, was the story of two people secretly in love with each other but sans the consciousness to act upon it.

The confusion and trepidation of our protagonists needed the episode from The Wedding to transform into endeavour and even a little desperation. It took the makers almost the entire season to arrive at the formula that could have elevated Still Up as a premiere Apple TV+ offering. Episode 8 is not a satisfying finale but a standalone instalment in the show that is honest, absurd, and heartbreaking – all at the same time.

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