Still Up – Season 1 Episode 6 “The Road Trip” Recap & Review

The Road Trip

Episode 6 of Still Up begins at Gemma’s hen night, which is essentially a bachelorette party. Although Lisa did not want to go to the event, the anxiety about Veggie proposing “any day” now gets to her. She has been constantly thinking about what would happen when he asks her for marriage. She has a faint idea of how she would react…and she does not like it.

Danny gets a phone call late at night. Of course, he isn’t sleeping and there is only one person who calls this late. He is a little thrown off when he sees “Unknown Number” on his cell. He picks it up anyway and it is Lisa, calling from a phone booth, completely knackered. She has no idea where she is since she has lost her phone. Her girls left her at the party after she started to drink alone thinking about Veggie and she dozed off. And now, she needs help finding her way back home. Danny tries to help but there is only so much he can do.

And the double whammy is that Lisa is disoriented to the point she cannot concentrate on a single thing. Danny tries to conjure up something to theorize where Lisa could be in London. But the half-hour he gives himself passes by in a jiffy. He finally gets a video call from Lisa, who uses Al’s phone. Al owns a shop and luckily for Lisa, the bus to her home stops right outside. Al seems like a nice guy and promises to escort her onto the bus.

Danny is relieved and tries to get on with his nightly routine. But Lisa calls her once again, this time, from a launderette. She went in the opposite direction to the one she was supposed to go into. When she mentions how hungry she feels, Danny is confused. Every time he has seen her, Lisa has been munching nonstop on cookies. That is when he realizes that the cookies Gemma “baked” are actually cannabis cookies. 

Given how many she has already had, Lisa is about to have a paralyzing high. And so, she does…just as cops storm into the launderette and arrest Lena, its owner, for…wait for it: dealing drugs! The cute K9 with the police starts barking when it sniffs Lisa’s purse, and she is subsequently arrested. Danny is now confronted with going out and rescuing Lisa from the station. He calls a cab and waits in the lobby with Adam and the cat man, who is actually named David. 

He takes a deep breath and makes it into the cab. Danny is mortified as his social anxiety threatens to get the better of him. He receives a phone call from Lisa, who is clearly affected by Veggie’s incoming proposal. She even mentions she is frightened she will say yes when he asks, before being cut off by an officer. Danny’s journey takes an “ugly turn” when the cabbie is informed by his friend that his wife is cheating on him. 

The cabbie drives straight to his home to confront the adulterer. But in a funny twist, he jumps out the window and escapes in the taxi, dropping Danny off nearby. Danny rushes to the launderette but doesn’t find her there. Lisa calls and lets him know that an officer has dropped her back home with a warning. Danny is upset that he had to make the trip for nothing in the end. While waiting at a bus stop, he runs into Amy, the girl he was seeing earlier and whose finger he cut off with a door. The two stand in awkward silence, not sure how to proceed in the moment. 

The Episode Review

Episode 6 is by far the most happening episode in the series. Lisa’s quaint “road trip” is unlike anything you have ever seen in the same context. Her anxiety about Veggie’s proposal was expected to play a part here and it did. The narrative dictated the terms and the alcohol & drugs only added to the overall tension. However, it was once again Craig Roberts as Danny who took all the attention. 

I really liked how his “experience” in the outside world is curated in episode 6. The buildup to this moment has been subtle and tantalizing till this point. And when the dam finally broke, a torrential challenge presented itself to him. What is even more soothing is how relaxed Danny is taking a walk at 6 in the morning after everything is over.

Will Amy be able to find forgiveness in her heart and give Danny another chance? More importantly – does she still have the finger attached to her hand? All these questions and Veggie’s proposal await us in the next episode.

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