Still Up – Season 1 Episode 3 “The Date” Recap & Review

The Date

Episode 3 of Still Up begins with a not-so-late-night conversation between Danny and Lisa. The former has his big date with Amy, who is coming over to his apartment. He hasn’t told her why he cannot get out, yet. And he hopes that doesn’t come up during the night.

Lisa, meanwhile, is getting bored at home. Veggie was in Aberdeen over the weekend for an insurance conference. He is yet to come back home. Since Danny cannot go out, he enlists Adam’s help to fetch him ingredients for dinner. He wants his first date with Amy to be special.

Lisa mentions how one of her dates took her to a mobile food cart that the people eating the food had to pedal. She almost covered 7 miles on the night! That was arguably her “worst date night ever.” While discussing which body part they could live without voluntarily, Adam brings up a horror story. His uncle worked at a factory. One of his mates was badly injured by a machine that sliced his nose off. To preserve it, his uncle put it in his mouth until they got to the hospital. The bizarre part of the story is that the doctors were able to stitch that part back onto the nose, although the look wasn’t all that pleasant.

Danny is nervous about the date but Lisa assures him it will be alright. Danny’s trepidations get the better of him as he awkwardly proposes to keep the door open when Amy arrives. He wants to do it so that she can feel protected. But Amy is up to the task of tackling his weirdness and offsets it with her confidence.

Lisa tries to keep herself busy by doing ordinary stuff like painting and watching the television. But nothing can possibly help. What makes matters worse is that Veggie’s flight is delayed. He will not be home until late at night.

Danny’s date night with Amy could not be going any better. He happily informs Lisa of the same, which makes her curious about their relationship. She uses Danny’s dating profile to go through his texts with Amy. After doing so, she asks Danny to reset his password. Amy keeps looking over toward Danny, concerned about how involved Lisa and he are. 

Veggie finally comes home to bring relief to Lisa. She cooks dinner for him. They share a few jokes and embarrassing anecdotes. They even play a card game called “Spicy Talks” to pass the time. Parallely, we see Amy and Danny also playing the same game. Not a lot of time passes before Veggie says he has to go to bed. He wants to get up early in the morning for a workout. Lisa is bummed but does not protest. In fact, she tries to go to bed early as well with him. She isn’t able to fall asleep and calls her mother.

Amy is so confident and easygoing that she puts Danny at ease. They end up having an amazing time together and it is apparent Amy is interested in him. But as she leaves for the night, Amy ends up rejecting Danny’s idea for another date night. She feels they should not see each other as Danny still isn’t over her ex yet. Danny is confused as he didn’t mention Chloe once during the night. That is when Amy says she was referring to Lisa, whom Danny talked about for half of the night.

Lisa’s mother encourages her to think about herself. She senses Lisa wants to talk about her lack of compatibility with Veggie. Even though he is a good person and loves Poppy as much as Lisa does, he is sort of dull and boring. It is also revealed that Lisa’s “worst date” was in fact with Veggie, further bolstering the notion that they aren’t made for each other.

Back at Danny’s, Amy turns around to leave as Danny is closing the door. Her hand gets stuck between it and the frame. One of her fingers is severed and Danny unflinchingly takes it in his mouth, inspired by Adam’s story earlier.

The episode ends with Lisa unable to sleep and sitting on her couch. Danny texts her and her face lights up, indicating Amy might be right about them. 

The Episode Review

Episode 3 of Still Up threatens to venture the show away from the “platonic” adult friendship territory. And I am not sure if that is the right move. That was the fundamental problem with the show’s basic premise: two insomniac adults being each other’s support without the suggestion of any romance.

The lack of options for the writers was countered fairly well in the first two episodes but ideas did seem to run short. To perhaps make their job easier, they see the potential new plot thread as a way out of this dilemma. The ending of this episode makes me want to see the next one even more, to confirm or deny this proposition.

Lois Chimimba’s cameo in this episode was confident and assured. I do think Amy and Danny would have made for a good pairing. She might have been able to get him out of his shell.

That part about his character is way more interesting than any romantic entanglements with Lisa. She does not have quite a solid arc yet but I bet that the writers can come up with something better than what we have seen so far. I don’t currently know what to make of the suggested romance until I see for myself what happens next.

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