Stick To Your Guns – Spectre | Album Review

Track List

(My Heart is a…)
Who Dares
A World to Win
Open Up My Head
The Shine
Instruments of the End
More of Us Than Them
No Way to Live


These lyrics are like bombs that explode and reveal notes of disarray. Californian band Stick To Your Guns avoid the plushness of idyllic dreams, and provide social commentary with their record Spectre. The album is meaningful and highly charged, and as always, everything runs deep.

Profound imagery takes centre stage, and when listening on you’ll begin to envisage your life on a stage, a platform where not everything is pretty. Ghosts of the past might rule the mind, hearts might collapse under the weight of extreme pressure, and this music, which is ferocious, might be the gel to keep it all from breaking.

Stick To Your Guns highlight their mishaps as well as their successes on Spectre. And since the band’s inception, they’ve never kept their beliefs dormant, and they’ve certainly never been an outfit to fall within the line where peace is in order.

By releasing their inner turmoil, the band has experimented on Spectre, but don’t expect loved up commentary or rose-tinted moments though. Expect anecdotes written with intent and shock value.

‘Weapon’ starts the album off fully. The background noise generates the song, and the lyrics describe pain and sorrow. Truth and apathy collide, and the guitar presence delivers intensity. ‘Hush’ demands attention, and the screams offer an intense sound while the guitars tend to the throbbing percussion. It’s an evocative track, lyrically.

‘The Shine’ offers complexity, and the heartbeats turn into palpitations. It’s a gratifying contribution, while also being volatile. The spark is there, and it’s wrapped in fury. ‘No Way To Live’ soothes. The vocals are tender, but the story is far from being smooth. It’s a standout track, and it’s an admirable inclusion, as Stick To Your Guns show diversity here.

Stick To Your Guns startle, and they push their notable sound to the front. On this release, they do not detract from their beliefs either.

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  • Verdict - 9/10

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