Step By Step – Season 1 Episode 12 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Reunited At Last!

The final episode of Step by Step begins with a two year time jump. Pat, Ae, and Chot own an advertising agency called Broccoli House. Their company seems to be doing well as some awards for best ads are displayed in the office.

Chot shares some important news; Fjord is under new management, and a new billionaire Mr Wallace has acquired the company. Ae rushes in with even more news after too. Miss Nadia from Fjord, who had earlier worked with Pat on the Lively+ project, has invited Broccoli House to pitch for a new project. Pat and Jeng run into each other again at the pitch meeting with Miss Nadia. 

What’s the New Project?

Under the new management, Fjord intends to promote electric cars by introducing charging stations at their gas stations. The campaign promotes Fjord charging stations as luxurious, comfortable, user-friendly, and easy to access. Teams from Broccoli House and Jian Group present their pitches later, and Broccoli House wins the pitch. 

What happens to Pat and Jeng?

Their first meeting during the pitch for Fjord is awkward, and they do not get to talk much. Jeng tries to talk to Pat but does not say anything when Chot pulls him away. Pat is disturbed back at the office/house after meeting with Jeng. He thinks that their meeting is not a coincidence, but Jeng planned it so he could see Pat again.

His suspicion is amplified when Tae comes to the company, offering them a job to promote an online ad for karaoke night, Pearl and Oliver. Pat gets angry that Jeng is meddling in his life and storms out of the office.

Jeng and Pat meet again during the pitch to Miss Nadia. Pat confronts Jeng for meddling in his life and trying to manipulate circumstances so they could meet. He is sarcastic about Tae asking him to handle the Karaoke campaign when Jeng says he did not know about Tae asking him. 

Pat agrees to handle the online ad for Pearl & Oliver. During the pitch, he asks Tae why he had chosen to work with Broccoli House, and Tae replies it is because of the idea to introduce karaoke at the restaurant. Tae felt that bringing in another promoter would have been wrong before asking Pat first. Pat realizes that Jeng had nothing to do with Tae hiring him, and misjudged Jeng. Asa  result, he heads off to apologize. 

When Pat gets home later that night, he unblocks Jeng from all social media sites. Jeng notices that he has been unblocked and wants to text Pat and tell him he missed him, but he holds back.

During the online ad review, Chot seems concerned that Jeng has not talked to him after unblocking him. Put reminds Pat of what he has done when they were dating. He disappeared from his life without an explanation, which hurt Pat. Pat did the same thing to Jeng when he disappeared from his life and blocked him. Put tells Pat to make things clear to Jeng if he still has feelings for him.

Pat starts to sing karaoke which Jeng hears from the kitchen. He comes to Pat and is filled with emotion since Pat fulfilled their promise. Jeng is overwhelmed with emotion, and he hurriedly leaves. Everyone at the table urges Pat to follow Jeng.

Back in the kitchen, Pat and Jeng clear their misunderstandings. Pat apologizes for disappearing from Jengs’s life and being irrational. Jeng apologizes for hurting Pat’s feelings. Pat asks Jeng to start over again and learn about each other. They agree to give each other a chance since Pat still likes Jeng. Jeng asks Pat to go home and promises to see him the following day at his house. Pat and Jeng reconcile and get back together.

Does Jeng take an executive position at the company?

While playing golf with his father, the Chairman informs Jeng that he should get ready to take over the position of Vice President at the company. Hearing this, Jeng walks off from his father, venting to his brother about their dad in an executive position. Jaab tells him that maybe he should resign.

After getting back together with Pat, Jeng resigns from the Jian group. He hands the resignation letter to his father and says he will also return his Jian Group’s shares. After Jeng leaves the office, his father dumps the resignation letter into the dustbin. 

While chatting with Pat about his resignation, Jeng acknowledges that the process was too easy. He is confident that his father is cooking up a plan. Jeng is not worried about the digital department since Nan is talented and can handle it.

What happens to Jaab and Jen?

Jaab is packing to visit Jen in Japan, but no follow-up is seen about what happens after the visit. However, the episode hints that Jaab and Jen have been talking.

How does the episode end?

Pat and Jeng spend more time together. They spend birthdays in each other’s company and even go on a vacation. They discuss the future and have plans to get a home together. They hope that the future they envision will be soon. 

The Episode Review

The episode was underwhelming for a finale. Although Pat and Jeng reconciled and happily discussed the future, many questions remain about other plot aspects. In one scene, Jeng introduces Pat to his mother, but the scene is too short even to decipher the mother’s feelings towards Pat. She leaves soon after asking Pat questions about himself, and one cannot tell whether or not she accepts Pat.

Jeng’s resignation from the office also leaves a lot of questions. His father throws his resignation letter, and Jeng thinks he might have a plan. The chairperson mentions that he is aware that the reason Jeng resigns is Pat. Does he has a plan against the relationship, or has he accepted that Jeng likes men? Why did he throw Jeng’s resignation letter into the trash? 

Jaab’s and Jen’s relationship is mildly explored throughout the series, and in the finale, Jaab travels to visit Jen. Although the episode hints that they have been talking and might be on good terms, it is still unclear what’s their relationship status at the end of the episode.

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