Step By Step – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

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Episode 7 of Step by Step starts with Pat and his friends enjoying a meal. Kanun asks Ae to take the 180 days of maternity leave given by her company, but she does not want to. Pat tells Ae that he’s seeing Put. Jaab is with them, and they do not tell him. He starts whining just as Ae asks him about Jen. Kanun shouts that he knows about their kiss, and Jaab starts crying.

Later, Jaab calls Jeng to ask him about going out on a dinner date with Pat. When Jeng insists that he did not, Jaab sends him a photo and shows him a wallet on the table, which Jaab thinks is similar to Jeng’s. Jeng tries to get information from Jaab about whom Pat is seeing. Although Jeng does not go out with Pat, he starts thinking about who Pat might have been with. He is lost in his thoughts again and almost burns his food.

Jeng attends the workshop for the campaign and notices Pat and Put getting close. Put orders delivery, and when he goes to pick it up, Jeng notices the same wallet Jaab had mistaken as his. During the workshop, Put seems distracted as he keeps looking at Pat. Jeng and Jaab notice it.

After the workshop, Pat and Put spend time together at Put’s place. Pat prepares a meal for Put. Put thinks it is not delicious, and he keeps scrolling through his phone during the meal, not paying attention to Pat. Pat seems not to like it, and he loses his appetite. Put makes up with Pat later, and they are good. They pack their clothes to go to the shooting.

The shooting goes well until Mrs Maan appears, Cris’s mom. Jen and Jaab seem concerned since Cris’s mom is known for going on rampages when she thinks things are not up to her standard. They are worried that Jeng is not around, and he is the only one they can use to shield themselves from her wrath. Put does not do well at the second shooting, forcing them to shoot many takes.

Mrs Maan gets angry that the team is not giving Cris a break. He accuses Pat of being inexperienced and unprofessional. Cris takes his mother away.

Pat takes a break and cries behind a trailer. Jeng arrives in time to console him. Put sees them hugging. After Pat calms down, Jeng offers him some water. Jeng excuses himself when Put approaches and goes to talk to the Fjord team. Put apologizes for not being able to help Pat. Pat insists that he goes back to the shoot. He leaves after hugging Pat.

Mrs Maan joins the group, and Jen takes the liberty to properly introduce Jeng as their other client and the son of Jian Group’s president. She thinks Jeng is the head of the project, but Jeng tells her that it is Pat. She feels embarrassed but even more speechless when Jeng tells her that Jaab is his brother.

Later, Jeng talks to Put about mixing personal affairs with business. He made the team wait for him and seemed distracted, which affected workflow. After work, Jaab invites everyone to a closing party and puts the bill on Jeng.

Pat and Put do not intend to go to the party. They head to their rooms to rest and end up making out for a while, but Pat suddenly pulls away and decides to attend the party. He apologizes to Put and leaves.

At the party, Jen and Jaab seem to be estranged, with Jaab avoiding Jen. Jen seems troubled as Pat joins Jeng’s table. He thanks Jeng for standing up for him earlier. Jeng complements Pat’s work, but Pat thinks he did not do well since he broke down. Jeng laughs at his view, and reassures Pat, telling him he’s got better at controlling his emotions since Pat might have smashed a table earlier and insulted Mrs Maan.

Still, the team enjoys good food at the party, gets super drunk, and sings karaoke. While drunk, Pat suggests that Jeng should introduce karaoke in his restaurant. He even pitches an idea. Jeng says he is organizing it, and Pat must go up and sing Pat says that if he sang, the whole restaurant would leave. Jeng says that he will still be there even if they do leave.

Drunk Pat does not note the hidden meaning and says that Jeng will not leave since it is his restaurant. Drunk Pat is very interesting to Jeng, and he keeps asking Pat questions about his idea. When Pat that he is being tricked into coughing up information for Jeng’s restaurant for free, Jeng offers to give Pat a year-long unlimited credit at his restaurant. Pat gets super drunk, and Jeng finds it interesting. He takes a video.

On their way back to the rooms, Jeng helps Pat and meets Put in the hotel corridors. Jeng takes Pat to Chot’s room, and Put comes in later. Chot gives them some time alone. Elsewhere, Jaab is clearing the tables after the party. Jen joins him and offers to help. Jaab goes to leave, but Jen stops him. He wants to talk and apologizes for the day they kissed. He also informs Jaab that he’s broken up with Mon. Jaab gets angry and asks Jen not to talk about his breakup. He suggests that they continue to be friends and leaves. Unfortunately, Jen breaks down.

The next morning, the team is preparing to leave outside the hotel lobby. Put feels something is bothering Pat and asks him to open up when he is ready. Jeng reminds Pat of what he did the night before, and he shows him the video he took when Pat was drunk. Pat does not suggest that Jeng deletes it, so he keeps the video. The van arrives, and they leave for Bangkok.

At the end of the episode, Pat is back home. He thinks about the moments he has spent with Put, and calls, asking to meet that night to talk about something.

The Episode Review

The episode has little new information since it is mostly about the shooting. However, this brings a few more bits of Jeng’s consideration for Pat. It also shows that Pat is willing to get vulnerable when he breaks down and allows Jeng to comfort him. The scene with Mrs Maan is comedic and so satisfying when Jeng shuts her down by introducing himself.

He also subtly threatens Mrs Maan, telling her that if she is uncomfortable, she should look for a way to speak it out without hurting the team members’ feelings since they might say something that makes other people not want to work with her. As an heir to the Jian group, Jeng’s status is already strong enough to ensure Chris does not get any projects. He also stood up for Pat, which shows a great difference between Put and Jeng in their ability to help out Pat.

What is the meaning behind Pat pulling away from Put and leaving to go to the party? He also asks to talk to Put the next day but what will they talk about? At the party, Jeng seems laid back and free when spending time with Pat. There are many questions about Jaab and Jen since Jaab decided to befriend him even if Jen broke up with Mon.

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