Step By Step – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

Pat’s First Big Project

Episode 5 of Step by Step starts with Jaab and Jen presenting their campaign production idea to the team at Jian Group. They suggest that the presenters be Put (Pat’s ex-boyfriend) and Chris, his bl series partner. Even though Pat is against the idea, the board members agree, and Jeng asks the team to arrange a meeting to review the contract. Chot gets admitted to the hospital, and Pat has to handle the pre-production process alone. Pat is nervous about this first job.

Jeng’s father talks to him about getting into the company’s management as a director. Jeng turns him down, saying he has 2 to 3 more years before he can be in management. Jeng thinks that his father is still capable of running the company. The father seems to dislike the current image of the Jian group since the management is made up of older adults who only think about buying and selling since they are salesmen. He thinks that the people think that he has monopolized the country, which is neither a modern nor a hip image.

The chairman wants to rebrand Jian Group, but Jeng is unwilling to take up that position and leave the digital department. His father reminds him of their promise. He gives Jeng one year to make the digital department productive, or the company will cancel the department and hire an outsourced team for the digital marketing work.

Krit, Chot’s boyfriend, proposes to Chot at the hospital and gives him a ring. Jeng is worried about Pat and decides to join him.

Pat suggests a location that is out of the provided list by the client since the site is better for shooting than others. The assistant disagrees and insists on them using the approved list. The team is convinced that the current site is the best for cinematic effects, but the assistant still insists on using the approved list. Pat tells the assistant that she needs to take their suggestion back to the client so they can make the decision. Aim is a little offended by Pat’s words, but she agrees that they can decide at the meeting.

There is a problem at the hotel in one of the booked rooms since the air conditioning is missing. The hotel is also fully booked, and they could not get another room. The hotel receptionist wants to book them a room in a different hotel, but Jeng arrives on time. He had booked the presidential suite and asked Pat, who did not have a room, to share.

Put visits the house he and Pat used to live in and reminisces about the good old times when they were together. They are seen playing around and hugging happily. Ae sends her pregnancy test to the group, informing them she is pregnant. Beam is surprised and also happy for her. Chot is still in the hospital with his boyfriend.

Jeng asks Pat to have breakfast at the hotel’s balcony the following day. They both inform each other of the day’s schedule, and Jeng offers to drive Pat back after they are done. When Pat hesitates, Jeng tells him that the Jay production team might still be around after work to chill out. Jeng asks Pat to find a good seafood restaurant since he plans to treat the tea after work.

Aim from Fjord’s team gets back to Pat and informs him that the team decided to use the pre-approved location. Pat is unsure of how the team would handle it. Jen says it would be better to do as the client wants but is unsure that Jaab would agree. Jaab only wants to do his production his way and does not like to handle projects that he thinks will not come out well. They came up with the idea of using actual actors for the block shots to try and convince the Fjord team to agree to their preferred site. Pat asks Put to help out.

During the shoot, Kanun and Jaab ask Pat to fill in for Put’s partner Chris in the shoot. They intend to have the best scenario shots so the client can be easily convinced. They send the photos to the team, and Fjord’s team seems impressed.

Kanun calls Ae after seeing the message. He is overjoyed that they can get married, while Ae is unsure if they can be good parents. Kanun offers to take care of the baby. He video calls Ae and proposes. He wants them to visit Ae’s parents after he is done with the project, where Ae asks Beam to help her pick wedding dresses.

During dinner with the team, they keep talking about how rich Jeng is, which seems to bother Put. Kanun asks him to rent out Pearl & Oliver for his wedding for free, while Jaab asks Jeng to send him money. After dinner, Pat and Jeng see Put off. He offers to drop Pat at home, but Jeng says he will drop him off instead. Pat notices that Jeng is acting weird.

Jeng indulges Pat and asks him what he wants to do before they leave. Pat wants to see a bridge, and Jeng agrees to go with him. He asks Pat to treat him to some boba tea. Pat is worried if they have it around, and Jeng confuses him by saying they must since he wanted them to. Back in their rooms, Jen and Jaab kiss.

Jeng and Pat find some boba tea and head to the bridge. Pat apologizes for getting Put for the block shot. Pat thought it was the only way to convince the Fjord team. Jeng compliments Pat for his excellent work, and they watch the fireworks together at the end of the episode.

The Episode Review

Pat shows anxiety and nervousness handling his first big job alone, which is relatable to the audience. The episode gives new information about why Jeng chooses to be the digital marketing manager rather than one of the directors, and it is evident that he cares even though the team thinks he does not.

He also goes to keep Pat company and does not interfere in his work showing his willingness to keep his promises. When the photos with Put and Pat are sent, he seems troubled seeing them together. He even follows them to the next location. When Put takes Pat away at the aquarium, he seems to be giving Put a death stare.

Does Beam have a thing for Ae? His emotions with the Ae pregnancy and the proposal seem a little worrying. Jeng and Pat are getting closer. It is so fulfilling watching people get together and develop feelings unknowingly.

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