Step By Step – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Jeng’s Attempt to Become a Better Boss

Episode 4 of Step by Step starts at a badminton court. In an attempt to connect with the employees, Mr Jeng rents out a badminton court for the staff. During the meeting, Jeng apologized to the employees for making them feel uncomfortable. He added Chot and Toh to the team to help them work together easily. He invited the team for a golfing session but Pat suggested a change to badminton.

The team debates why Mr. Jeng has decided to change since to them the real Jeng is strict, precise, intense, straightforward and not considerate to anyone. Aoei suggests that Jeng might be happy because he is getting a promotion in the company while Toh suggests that Jeng might be in love.

Chot thinks that Mr Jeng might be dying like in the moves while Pat thinks that Jeng is genuinely concerned about the employees and wants to treat them better. Ying thinks that Jeng is pretending to be a cool boss to fool the new employees so they can slave away for the company.

Pat and Jeng have to go to an auction event after the badminton game but the showers in the gym are not working. Jeng suggests that Pat takes a shower in his condo. Pat has other ideas, he is curious about Jeng’s private life since no one else in the office knows about him outside of work. He goes snooping around in the condo and he finds some things that give him ideas.

Pat finds out that Chot is also gay. Chot asks about Pat’s experience at the auction and he says he got a chance to see another side of Mr. Jeng. In Pat’s view, it is like they are from two different worlds or it might be that Mr. Jeng is a perfect person with no flaws. Thinking about it, Pat gets lost in a daydream and does not notice Mr Jeng entering the office kitchen. Jeng reminds them of the meeting in his office at 9am

The presentation meeting with the chairman does not go well. He does not like that the team is suggesting television commercials since in his view, the digital marketing team should only be in charge of online content. Jeng supports his team, which evidently clashes with the opinion of his father, the chairman of Jian Group. Pat gets annoyed with Mr Jeng since he did not take the time to listen to the feedback of the board but insisted on selling the project to the client even though it was clearly not ready. Pat thinks that Jeng is not being genuine about wanting to become a better boss.

Put, Pat’s ex-boyfriend, calls him at work and he is not happy that Ae gave him his number. Elsewhere, the image of Jen haunts a heartbroken Jaab. Jaab daydreams and does not hear Jen the real call him to ask about work. Lost in a daze, Jaab accidentally writes on Jen’s face, they get close in the bathroom, and Jaab helps Jen clean his face.

Kanun makes fun of Jaab because he had known Jen one year before Mon, Jen’s boyfriend but he never made a move. He makes Kanun promise never to tell anyone about his crush on Jen. Kanun agrees on the condition that Jaab becomes his slave and buys him food for a year.

Pat meets up with Ae for a meal and to scold her for giving Put his number. A maternity test kit falls off Ae’s bag and she informs Pat that she suspected that she might be pregnant. Pat is concerned about whether Kanun will stick around once he finds out that Ae is pregnant, She is convinced that Kanun will not leave her since she knows a lot of his secrets. Tae joins their table at Pearl & Oliver and immediately Pat starts looking around to see if Jeng is also around. Tae tells him that Jeng was not coming in and Pat is at ease.

Ae and Pat try to pry from Tae about Jeng’s character. Tae thinks that Jeng is acting strange as if someone had told him that he had negative traits. Pat asks about the reason Jeng left the company 2 years earlier. Tae does not know why since Jeng never shared the information but he suggested might have been because he was on bad terms with his father. Ae thinks that Jeng acts perfect in an attempt to cover up his weaknesses since someone might use them against him.

Back at home, Pat tries to figure out Mr Jeng’s weak spots. He remembers his findings from the condo snooping and searches online for any scandals involving Mr Jeng. He gets frustrated when the search only brings up good things. Pat finds nothing about Mr Jeng on social media too.

The next day at work, Pat seeks to consult Jeng on a work issue involving the Forje project but Jeng was on his way to a minute. He told Pat to email him the details and that he would set up a meeting with Pat later. Pat is still curious about why Jeng had left the company. Chot pulls Pat aside to ask him about why he is asking around about Mr. Jeng and he says he is trying to figure out his weak spots since he found women shampoo and nail polish in his condo. He wants to figure out Jeng’s weakness to use it against him if he ever bullies Pat again. Chot thinks that Pat is overly interested in Jeng’s life and suggests that Pat might have a crush on Jeng.

They hide in the toilet when they hear someone coming into the washrooms. That person happens to be Mr. Jeng and they overhear his conversation making a date with someone Sunday afternoon at his condo. Pat is unable to hold his sneeze and Jeng asks if it is Pat in the toilet. He almost opens up the door but someone calls him for a meeting. Jeng texts Pat and asks him to visit his condo the same Sunday afternoon to discuss the Forje project.

Pat arrives at the condo and while they are working, Jeng’s sister drops off her daughter to spend time with Jeng. Jeng convinces Pat to stay over for a meal and he finds out that the nail polish he had found belonged to the little girl. Jeng requests to follow Pat on social media but he deletes the request.

At work the following week, Jeng introduces an appreciation board to help the team get closer. They were expected to write words of encouragement to anyone in the team they wanted to communicate with. Pat writes some words of encouragement for Jeng. Pat and Jeng work late at night in the office and Jeng receives another suspicious call that gets Pat wondering again. He secretly follows Jeng and he sees him entering a women’s handbag shop. He intends to send it to Chot but accidentally sends the text to a workgroup chat. Jeng sees the message and replies. Pat starts freaking out when Jeng asks to meet with him about the message.

Jeng asks Pat why he was paying special attention to him. He wondered if he had done something to make Pat feel bad. Pat admits that he is mad at Jeng for talking about his project without consulting him and he was trying to look for Jeng’s weakness to protect himself.

Jeng apologizes to Pat and admits that his weaknesses are that he is blunt and straightforward and that everyone hates him. He says he is tired of having to wear a mask for the sake of society. He promises to not interfere with Pat’s work again and let him handle the project.

Pat and Chot present the final campaign proposal to Forje and the client is impressed. The board however is not happy about the young team handling the project and they bring up the issue of seniority. They propose that the client not let inexperienced graduate handle a big project. The client asks for some time to deliberate with their team and provide feedback.

The team go for karaoke. While everyone else is excited, Pat is troubled about the project and he stays outside. Ae informs him that she is pregnant.

Jeng joins Pat outside and assures Pat that he believes in his potential and that is why he trusted Pat to handle the project. He advises Pat to trust himself as much as Jeng trusts him and work on his emotional control.

Later that evening, Jaab angrily calls Kanun since he misinformed Jen that Jaab is in a relationship and Jen is the third wheel since he spends a lot of time with Jaab. Jen decided to stay away from Jaab. Jeng texts Pat that the Forje project was approved and directed him to go ahead and make an appointment with the production team. Pat is overjoyed. Jeng is seen intervening with the client and pushing her to agree to give the project to Pat and his team.

The production team chosen to handle the project is Jaab’s. Pat and Jaab have a conversation after the meeting. Pat feels that Jaab’s perfume is familiar with what he had found in Jeng’s condo.  Jeng gives Jaab something to deliver home to their mother and it happens to be what Pat had seen him buy at the women’s handbag shop. Pat is shocked to realize that Jaab and Jeng are brothers.

Jeng drops Par off at his house when a drunk Put appears and starts questioning who dropped him. Put wants to get back together with Pat and begs for another chance. Pat gets into the house and asks Put not to come after him.

The Episode Review

The badminton outing suggests that Jeng might be honest about trying to be a better boss. Understandably, the employees might try to overthink his intentions since it is something that may seem out of Jeng’s character. After getting ready for the auction, Jeng and Pat seem awestruck with each other and they complemented their styles well with one in all black and the other in red. They were killing it!

Jeng is trying to work on himself even though those around him do not trust his efforts and honesty. When he opened up to Pat about his struggles it felt so genuine and honest. He is willing to become vulnerable and emotional with Pat, which also shows that unknowingly, he has subconsciously developed trust and a sense of comfortableness with Pat. He is not afraid to be himself. The ex-boyfriend is back in the picture asking to get Pat back again. Will Pat give in?

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