Step By Step – Season 1 Episode 11 Recap & Review

Trust & Goodbyes

Episode 11 of Step by Step begins with Jeng at a meeting with the board to answer the rumours about him and Jeng. The board is concerned about the fall in company stock value after his story hit the news. The board also worries about his qualifications as the person to take over the company.

Jeng assures them that even if the media was to try and dig up for dirt, they would not find anything since he has been careful to make sure his actions do not tarnish the company. His father, the chairman tasks him with solving the current problem and they agree that once Jeng is able to make sure the digital department meets its targets, the chairman is to stop messing with the department and the team.

Elsewhere, Kanun informs Jaab of the video circulating on Jian Group’s social media of Pat and Jeng. Jeng visits Pat at his house and they promise to stick together to help each other solve the problems at Jian Group. Jeng apologizes for not saying anything to protect Pat since he was afraid that saying something would make things even more difficult for him. Pat apologizes for running away and resigning without informing Jeng first.

At the office, Jeng employs the help of Ying, Toh, Chot, Nan and Pat to help increase the sales from the Lively+ campaign. Meeting the sale target will make sure that Pat stays at the company and the department is not scraped. The board is using the relationship between Pat and Jeng as a reason to close the department and they have to work together and prove them wrong.

Things get even messier when the past relationship between Pat and Put is shared in the socials. It affects the Fjord campaign for Lively+ since Put is the main presenter and the board cuts the digital department’s marketing budget. The plans they had made cannot be implemented without money. But Pat comes up with the idea of marketing the product without money by leveraging the power of social media marketing.

Meanwhile, Put’s better half, Cris is questioned about the relationship between Put and Pat. Cris’ mother tells the media that she had a bad experience with Jeng during the shooting and she suggests that the reason was because of Pat. Put sees the video of Jeng and Pat and he angrily rushes into Jian Group to confront Jeng.

Pat enters during Put’s confrontation and he gets angry at him for meddling. Put wants Pat to leave the company since everyone is gossiping about him. Pat assures Put that he can take care of himself and does not need his help. He says he never wants to see Put again.

The team gets a major confession from Toh. Jeng’s uncle threatened Toh to spy on Jeng and Pat and to report everything to him. The team realizes that Uncle Juang and the chairperson were behind leaking the video to the media.

Jaab informs Pat that Jeng and his father have not been on good terms since he came out five years ago. His father was not happy that the son he trusted to handle family responsibilities is gay. While talking with Pat, Jaab realizes that he will never get over Jen and decides to follow him to Phetchabun and ask for forgiveness.

The team hits a block on how to handle the marketing campaign without funding. Jeng lets the rest of the team rest and brings Pat a drink. They get to talking about Jaab and wonder what the outcome would be. Jeng says something about starting over again which sparks an idea.

Pat calls Jaab to ask for his permission to share his story on their page to promote Lively+. The team asks Put to help share the story and the results are positive. The campaign takes the first spot of trending topics on Twitter.

Jaab arrives at Jen’s home. Unfortunately, Jen’s mother informs him that he already left to study in Japan for two years. Jaab was too late and Jen has run far away from him.

In the next scene, Pat arrives home and finds his father. Pat hands him an envelope sent by his stepmother Carol. They are divorce papers. His father informs him that his second marriage did not work out since it was mixed with work and he ended up forcing his good intentions onto his wife without asking for her opinion.

The next morning at work, Pat is called into the chairperson’s office. The chairperson acknowledges his efforts in helping the digital department meet the sales target even after cutting the marketing budget. However, his efforts were not achieved purely without using any money. He hands him a tablet.

He says that they cannot say for sure that the sales target was reached due to his idea to draw in influencers and increase the engagement rate or due to the money used for the injection. Turns out, Jeng put his money into the campaign to ensure success.

Pat is hurt that Jeng did not trust him and the team. Pat starts to doubt that all the chances given to him at Jian Group were because of his skills or because Jeng likes him. Pat remembers his father’s words; Jeng pushes his good intentions without asking the person receiving them. He feels that if he continues to stay at Jian Group, Jeng will manipulate him. At the end of the episode, Pat breaks up with Jeng.

The Episode Review

Episode 11 in any BL series is the dreaded episode where everything goes up in flames and it is exactly what happened in Step By Step. The beginning of the episode sees Pat and Jeng grow in their relationship where they communicate better and work together as a team; regardless of what is happening outside of social media and in the company.

They stick together, aware of their goal and through the help of their trusted but small circle of friends and colleagues, they work to achieve the goal. They intend to help keep the department and Pat’s job. They have good teamwork and the team thinks that is the reason for the success.

However, Jeng turns back into his controlling self and does not leave anything to chance. The reasoning behind his actions is understandable but it is also very disappointing — he does not trust Pat and the team.

Episode 11’s end is disappointing since it seems that all the effort put in by Jeng and Pat to develop their relationship becomes worthless and it’s back to zero. Realizing that the father has been plotting against the son and he continues to do so is depressing and Pat continuously doubting Jeng’s intentions and thinking of the worst does nothing to help the relationship.

It is like their relationship does not stand a chance regardless. What about Jaab and Jen? There are so many unknowns and just one more episode to go. Well, Step By Step continues to be an emotional rollercoaster swinging from fun times to depressive times.

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