Step By Step – Season 1 Episode 10 Recap & Review

I Like You Too

Episode 10 of Step by Step begins with the Jian group’s team and Ban Jay’s group reviewing the advert produced for Lively+. Jeng is supposed to join them but he cancels last minute and asks Chot to send him the video. He also sends Chot a message asking for an urgent team meeting the next morning. Pat does not receive any messages from Jeng since the confession.

During a meal with Chot, he notices that Pat is distracted. Chot asks if the reason why Pat looks disturbed is because of Jeng. Pang is surprised that Chot knows about him and Jeng. Pat insists that he does not understand why Jeng likes him since he is not a suitable match for Jeng. Chot calls out Pat for being mean to Jeng. It takes so much courage for someone to for the words they want to say in their head and be brave enough to say those words to the person they like and Pat just brushed Jeng off.

Although it is not always a happy ending, it is okay so long as Pat already told Jeng he does not like him. However, Pat says he does not believe Jeng is like looking down on Jeng’s feelings. Also, Pat should neither think that Jeng liking him is not right nor should he think that he is not good enough for Jeng. He should not be mean to himself just as he was mean to Jeng. Chot advises Pat to be straightforward with Jeng, it would be good for their relationship.

Since it’s Jeng’s birthday, Pat rushes to Pearl & Oliver to talk to Jeng. On the way, he buys a cake with carrot decorations. Back at the office, Krit calls Chot with good news. He had told his parents about their relationship and they asked to have a meal together the next week. Chot cries in happiness.

Pat arrives at Pearl & Oliver and finds Jeng busy kneading dough. He begs Jeng not to resign and then asks if he still likes him. Pat starts crying and Jeng comforts him. Jeng assures Pat that he likes him so much. He also tells Pat that he was not resigning and leaving the company but he was just changing his executive position because he does not want to make Pat feel uncomfortable. Since he is the one that started having feelings, he should be the one to fix their relationship. Pat confesses that he likes Jeng too. The next scenes are explosions of cuteness and emotions between Jeng and Pat in Pearl & Oliver, the office, Jeng’s car, Pat’s home, Jeng’s condo, and the badminton court.

Colleagues including Toh, Jeng’s assistant, begin to notice the change in attitude between Jeng and Pat. At the badminton court, Ying tries to explain the closeness to Toh saying that it might be because they worked on the Fjord project together or because they have the same lifestyle choices that bring them together.

The project for Lively+ is released and during a meeting with Toh, Chot, Pat, and Jeng, they discuss how well it’s doing. The boy love theme put the campaign among the top trends as soon as it was released with over 2 million views. After this, they discuss how to turn the views into sales.

Jeng meets Pat’s father for the first time. At first, he calls Jeng out for making Pat cry then asks him to take care of Pat for him. He threatens to never let Jeng see Pat again if he ever made Pat cry again.

Kanun’s and Ae’s wedding happens at Pearl & Oliver and it is colourful. Beam confesses to Ae that he liked her although A already knew it. She encourages him to be patient and he will find someone he likes and one who likes him back. Pat and Jeng imagine their wedding when Pat catches Ae’s flower bouquet. Jaab and Jen meet at the wedding.

Back at the office, Jeng tells Pat that Fjord has given the team a new project and they requested that Pat be the one in charge. Also, he informs him that he has chosen him to become the new manager of the digital department and he will train him for three years before he takes over.

The news about Jeng and Pat dating starts to spread in the office. Clips are circulating in the company of them going to the condo together. People start writing awful messages to Pat on the office board saying that he is being promoted not because of his good work but because of the alleged relationship with the boss. Ying, Chot, and Nan comfort Pat. Jeng’s uncle is also on the case and requests that Pat not take over the new Fjord project because of the rumours. He also tells Jeng that the board will send Pat a notice letter.

Pat contemplates resigning and taking some time apart to let the matter quiet down. Jeng suggests that they do that just at the office since he will miss him so much if they separate. Jeng suggests resigning so they could be together in public, given he wants to be happy with Pat.

At the end of the episode, a clip of Jeng and Pat at the underground bar spreads across the company group chats. While Jeng is soundly asleep, Pat leaves after seeing the group chats. He submits a resignation letter the next day and before Jeng can intercept it, the chairman approves Pat’s resignation. Pui rushes in to inform Jeng about Pat’s resignation.

The Episode Review

Chot helps Pat through his confusion at the beginning of the episode. He helped him understand how mean it was to devalue Jeng’s feelings just because he could not comprehend them and not to put himself down in the process.

Jeng confessing to him and his feelings for Pat made sense to Jeng. The carrot cake is a representation of their first date to the mall to buy furniture and utensils. The slow burn building romance from episodes 1 to 10 combusted into an overload of cuteness and emotional explosions in this episode, and Pat and Jeng gave it their all.

Finally, it is revealed that Beam liked Ae and they worked through it. However, Jaab and Jen, what is happening and who is Paint? When did Jaab start dating? It is so difficult to discern their relationship trajectory. JengPat’s relationship is getting into the hot seat as expected due to the boss and subordinate dynamic and more so for it is a relationship between two men in the view of the board.

Next is the dreaded episode 11 where everything goes up in flames most of the time. What will happen to Jeng and Pat? Will Jaab and Jen finally figure out what they want?

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